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NOTE: This walkthrough is incomplete!

This page includes some general game advice. See the Characters page for a list of events and a guide on how to progress each character.

General Advice

Talk to people! (And when I say talk, I really mean listen!)

Most of this game is about interacting with the different characters, and the dialogue is the main way that the game gives you hints about what you can do next. Even when the MC is just talking to himself, pay attention and act on any hints you get.

Go places and click on stuff

Try visiting different locations on the map, and look all around for objects you can interact with and additional screens to explore. Things you can click on will become highlighted when you move your cursor over them, so move your mouse all over the place.

Come back at night... (or the next day... or just later in the game...)

Try revisiting a character or location at a different time of day to see if anything changes. The biggest differences happen between daytime and nighttime, but you should also pay attention to the difference between morning and afternoon. See the next section ("Time") for more details.

Also check in every once in a while to see if anything has changed based on the day of the week or other events you have completed.

Come back with money

The solution to many of the game's "puzzles" is to buy a thing from the mall, and that means you're going to have to take on some summer jobs. Starting out, you'll be stuck working on your Diane's garden for ~$90 per mini-game. But over the summer, you can develop your relationship with Diane to get a raise, or invest $500 in a delivery bike so you can work for the pizzeria. Until the very last stages of the game you always need money for something, so if you find yourself with a "free" morning or afternoon, go earn some!

Level up your stats

Another common barrier between you and tits is low stats. To build your strength, get a spotting buddy and lift weights at the gym. To increase your dexterity, go to the gym and follow Master Somrak's instructions. To earn more charisma, complete rap battles in the park at night. And to increase your IQ, you can sit through Mrs. Bissette's class or play the Maze Runner game on your computer.


In this game, each week is split into seven days (normal calendar: Mon-Sun), and each day is split into four periods of time (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Late Night).

Day of the Week

The exact day of the week rarely matters - basically, just make a note if a character or message tells you that something will happen on a specific day of the week. (When using the telescope to peep on Mia in the morning, the MC will only say she's getting ready for church on Sunday. However, her family is at church both Saturday and Sunday morning.)

But weekends (Saturday and Sunday) ARE quite a bit different from the rest of the week. During weekends:

  • School is closed. So other students will be somewhere else (e.g. Erik will be home all day), and any quests that involve going to school will have to wait until Monday.
  • Similar to above - if a character says they can't do something because "you have to go to school", they may be more receptive on weekends (or just later in the day).
  • The church is active in the morning
  • The car dealership is closed
  • Mayor Rump has a stage and podium set up at the mall
  • Lots of little dialogue differences
  • At least one secret event can't happen

Time of Day

The most obvious differences are between the daytime (Morning/Afternoon) and nighttime (Evening/Late Night) periods, but ALL of the periods work a little bit differently.

Abbreviated list of differences:

  • Daytime vs nighttime screens
  • All locations open morning/afternoon, many locations closed at night
  • Virtually no actions allowed during Late Night
  • Erik unavailable on weekday mornings ("at school")
  • Mia in science lab on weekday mornings
  • Debbie and Jenny only shower in the morning
  • Debbie and Jenny in their beds at nighttime

Telling Time

The current day of the week and time of day can both be found in the "menu bar" at the top of the screen.

Menu bar.png

The day of the week is written out in the text box just under the room name, while the "clock" in the upper middle of the screen tells you the current time period. (If you have trouble understanding the clock, see the table below.)

Morning Afternoon Evening Late Night
Time bar morning.png Time bar afternoon.png Time bar evening.png Time bar late.png

Character Events

See the Characters page for a list of events and a guide on how to progress each character.