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Char june 02.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Day School
Night None


June is a bespectacled, slightly chubby girl with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.

June's typical attire consist of a dark purple top and dark grey pants. She wears large square-framed glasses and over-ear headphones and has a pink teddy bear backpack.


June is somewhat shy and insecure however opens up quickly once she knows that someone likes her. She has an Orc fetish and fantasises about being mated by her Orc Chieftain


June's story starts when the MC and Mrs. Johnson decide to find Erik a girlfriend. When MC talks to Erik about this MC suggests that a gamer girl might be a good match and asks if there are any girls Erik knows at school like this, Erik mentions June and MC goes to meet her.


June, The Gamer Girl Part 1

June, The Gamer Girl Part 2

Erik To The Rescue

MC Takes The Lead Part 1

MC Takes The Lead Part 2

June Wants To Get Her Orc On

Hey June

After being told by Erik about June MC goes to the computer lab to to find June with the hopes of setting her up with Erik. He finds her playing a game called Ork Bork, she says it is kind of hard without a second player and asks if he knows anyone who will play with her. MC can either suggest Erik which leads to June becoming Erik's girlfriend or he can opt to play himself.

Erik and June

If June becomes Erik's girlfriend then MC can walk in on them when they are fooling around naked on Erik's bed.

Ork Bork

If MC opts to play with June himself he can ask her to hangout in his bedroom at night. June wants his help to defeat a boss stage in the game and when they successfully defeat the boss they are treated to a cutscene in the game of a male and female orc fucking. June acts surprised but asks what MC thought about it, if MC tells her he found it hot then she reveals that she was planning on cosplaying as an orc in the future but still needed some costume parts. MC says that he will help her to get the remaining costume parts.

Checking the Costume

Once MC has acquired the Orcette costume for June she tells him she's excited to wear it at the next convention but that first she wants to try it on in front of a "friend" who can tell her what they think of it. In his bedroom June strips naked and with MC's help covers her entire body in green bodypaint and puts on the rest of the costume. She asks if MC is horny seeing her like this and they then kiss and have sex with June wearing her Orcette cosplay and bodypaint.

Sex on the regular

After MC and June have had sex for the first time MC can invite June to hangout in his room on any weeknight. They can either play games or have sex however now MC has the option of whether he wants June to wear her Orcette cosplay or not.