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Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Gray
Morning Home
Afternoon Home
Evening Home


Debbie is a well‐endowed mature woman with medium‐length brown hair and gray eyes.

Her usual attire consist of only a loose fitting purple dressing gown and panties.


Debbie is very caring and nurturing. She is definitely a homemaker type of woman. Despite losing her husband and being in severe debt, she always keeps a cheerful outlook on things. Debbie does, however, show some hesitation in the relationship to adopt with the main character.


Debbie was a close friend of the main character's father. Naturally, she offered his son a home at his death, and encouraged him to go back to school. Debbie is always at home and her day is spent taking care of the house and performing the various daily chores.

But living under the same roof sometimes creates unexpected ties.


See Debbie's route for the complete walkthrough.


Finishing her route gives you access to new and old sex scenes:

Foreplay in the Kitchen

  • Let the main character touch Debbie's butt in the kitchen to unlock a new sex opportunity.

Hang Out in the Car

  • The main character can now invite Debbie for a couple of sexy actions in the car.

Shower with Debbie

  • In the morning, enter the shower to rub Debbie's back, or other body parts!

Watching the TV

  • What begins as an innocent movie night with Debbie may finish in wild sex on the couch.

Sleeping with Debbie

  • The main character can join Debbie in her bed at night to explore new ways to please her.
  • Or he can invite her in his own bed.

Sex in the Basement

  • Debbie knows how to add fun to the everyday chores in the basement.


  • Because there's always room for improvement, the main character should practice kissing in the kitchen.