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Debbie Cummings
"Debbie illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Grey
Morning Home
Afternoon Home
Evening Home

Debbie Cummings is the main character’s lessor, and lives in the same house.


Debbie is a mature woman with medium‐length brown hair and grey eyes.

She wears nothing but panties and a purple ample dressing gown that covers her body and often reveals much more.


Debbie is definitely a homemaker type of woman; her selflessness knows no bounds when it involves the dwellers she is fostering. She always has a cheerful outlook on things despite the recent misfortunes. Debbie does, however, show some hesitation in the relationship with the main character.

She and Diane are old friends from college who occasionally remember the naughty things they did together.


For the complete walkthrough, see Debbie’s route.

Debbie was an intimate friend of Frank, the main character’s father. Genuinely, she offered his son a home at his death although she was already hosting Jenny. She also encouraged the boy to go back to school. For some time now, night calls about an overdue debt have become more pressing while she is struggling to make ends meet.

Debbie is always at home and her day is filled with the various domestic chores. But living under the same roof sometimes creates unexpected ties.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Debbie.
Quick overview
Foreplay in the Kitchen
Let the main character touch Debbie’s butt in the kitchen to unlock a new sex position.

Making the Engine Roar

The car becomes a safe spot for quick gratifications.

Shower with Debbie

In the morning, enter the shower to rub Debbie’s back, or other body parts!

The Tonight Show

What begins as an innocent movie with Debbie may end in wild sex on the couch.

Sleeping with Debbie

The main character joins Debbie in her bed at night to explore new ways to please her. Or he can invite her in his own bed.

Sex in the Basement

Debbie knows how to add fun to the routine in the basement.


Because there’s always room for improvement, the main character practices kissing with Debbie in the kitchen.