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Char debbie 01.png
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey
Day Home
Night Home


Debbie is a well-endowed mature woman with medium-length brown hair and grey eyes.

Her usual attire consist of only a loose fitting purple morning robe and panties.


Debbie is definitely a homemaker type of woman. Her entire day is spent taking care of the house and performing the various daily chores (laundry, cleaning, cooking meals, etc).

She is very caring and nurturing.

Despite losing her husband and being in severe debt, she always seems to have a smile on her face and a cheerful outlook on things.



Welcome to SS

As the player enters the world of Summertime Saga, the player is required to go downstairs to meet down with Debbie in order to explore the world. When interacting with Debbie for the first time, she comforts MC not to worry about his Dad's unfinished problems. She wishes him the best of luck at school..

Shower Peeking I

When you first start off you can peek on Debbie. You then get the option to leave or try going inside. If you go inside she will scold you for going into the bathroom when she's using it and for you wait your turn.

Mysterious Phone Call

After the player is done with the first day of school, Debbie can be heard yelling onto the phone downstairs. Debbie tells the MC again not to worry about his Dad's unfinished problems and tells him to leave it be.

Grinding The Green

When entering the kitchen and asking Debbie what you can do to help her she'll tell you that the lawn could use some work. Entering the garage you try starting up the mower. You soon find out it's out of gas and go to consum-r to get some. Once back you pour the gas in and mow the lawn. Debbie comes out to look at you near the end of it and thanks you for helping her.

Russian Encampment I

One day at random a gangster from the Russian Mafia will knock on your door asking if Debbie is here. You ask him who's asking and why he needs your room. He backs off telling you to warn Debbie she has a week.

Laying Pipe

Going into the kitchen one day Debbie prompts you that something in the bathroom is broken. Once upstairs, Jenny will chew you out for not being here sooner. After a bit she says this is your fault gives you her wet shirt and yells at you to fix it. Once you return with the wrench you fix the pipe and Debbie praises you while Jenny acts like it's no big deal.

Taking the Succ

When you go into the entrance you'll find Debbie vacuuming. You have the options to help her or just leave. Choosing to help will make Debbie ask if you're sure before letting you do it.

Oedipus Learns To Kiss

One day when going into the kitchen Debbie will come up to you and ask how you're doing and ask about girls and such. Once you tell her a bit she asks if you know how to kiss and you truthfully tell her no. She then asks if she can teach you which you find weird at first. You then proceed to kiss, using your tongue as you thought that's what you supposed to do. Debbie comments on how good you are for the first time, though you using your tongue was unexpected.

I Don't Remember Sleeping With This

You wake up with a boner.

There's Something Cumming From Debbie's Room

One day when you go into the kitchen Debbie won't be there and you'll hear noises from Debbie's room. You peek into Debbie's room to find out what it is only to be invited to a display of Debbie playing with herself. You watch for a bit before Jenny catches you and notices your boner. She comments on it and then leaves.

Catching You In The Act

When entering Debbie's room, the player has an option to masturbate on her bed with her panties.

Spying On Your Debbie

This event can be viewed prior to "Catching You In the Act" where the player can be able to view an scene of Debbie masturbating on her bed. An event will trigger as Jenny will catch the player in the act of watching Debbie masturbating. She acts suspicious and dubiously plans to use this event to possibly blackmail the MC to her advantage in the future.

Russian Encampment II

After being warned about needing the money and giving you a week when you return home you'll see a black car parked outside the house. Upon entering the house you see the two gangsters interrogating and hurting Debbie. You rush in to save her only to get beat up. After kicking your ass they leave and Jenny comes down to find out what the hell happened.

Shower Peeking II

After getting beat up by the Russian Mafia and Debbie washing you up in the shower you can now enter the shower with her.

Car Down For Maintenance

When you enter the kitchen one day you can ask Debbie about her car. She'll say there's something wrong with it and ask if you can fix it somehow. You go into the garage to only find out the car is broken way beyond your level of expertise prompting the Car Dealership to open. Once you go into the Car Dealership and click on Josephine you'll begin trying to talk to her. After ignoring you for a bit her dad Sato will come out yelling at her to do her job. She then asks you what you want. You tell her you want to check the insurance of Debbie's car. She asks for the License plate and then tells you that the insurance has expired a while ago. At this point you have two options. You can pay for it or convince her to renew it without paying. If you convince her she'll justify it saying her dad is an ass and you getting the insurance renewed. Paying is not available at this time.

Catching You In The Act II

When entering Debbie's room once again, the player has the option to masturbate on her bed with her panties again. However, doing it a second time will trigger her to expose herself if the right options are chosen.

Debbie Wants The Dick I

After the previous events one night Debbie will enter your room and start touching your dick.

Shower For Two?

Debbie asks if the MC wants to take a hot shower with her.

Friendly Talk

When you go into the kitchen you'll be stopped near the entrance and hear and Diane and Debbie talking in the kitchen. Debbie is conflicted about her feelings for you. Diane reassures her that it's perfectly fine and natural. After some convincing Debbie starts coming around and realizes this may be all right.

Guess Who's Coming Over For Dinner

Once you enter the kitchen Debbie will say Diane wanted to come over and that she was very persistent about it. You then go to the Pier and meet Terry. You buy the fish from him and then go back home and give it to Debbie. The scene then changes to you greeting Diane at the entrance and moving on to the dining room. When you get into the dining room you start having dinner Debbie and Diane start having a conversation during the conversation both Debbie and Diane will start feeling up your legs. They stop after a bit and finish their dinner. The event ends with you, Debbie, and Jenny thanking Diane for coming over and having a good time.

Debbie Wants The Dick II

After dinner Debbie will enter your room. Feeling conflicted about her feelings she finally gives in and sucks your dick. She leaves a note afterwards asking you to come to her room.

Oedipus Goes All The Way

After getting the note you can have sex with Debbie in her room during the day.