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Maria 02.png
Relatives Tony (husband)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day Tony's Pizza
Night None


Maria is the wife of Tony owner of Tony's Pizza.

She wears a forest green dress (with added flour hand print on rear), white apron, sea green earrings, and a blood orange flower in her hair.


Maria is friendly but skeptical, and a loyal loving wife of Tony.


Maria works along side her husband Tony at the pizzeria. upon meeting MC she is first adverse to giving him work, but changes her mind when Tony reaffirms her.


Money Troubles

After talking with Debbie about the money troubles, MC will inquire about getting a job to help with the finances, in turn Debbie will recommend investigating the mail box to see if there are any classifieds. Investigating the mail box will unlock the Tony's Pizza location. Once MC enters Tony's Pizza he is greeted by Tony and Maria. Tony inquires that MC is looking for work to which MC confirms. After a short conversation Tony and Maria agree to give MC a chance and asks him to come back later.