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Char eve 01.png
Relatives Grace (older sister)
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Day School
Night Park


Eve is a slim teen with blue hair and and blue eyes. She wears an amount of light gray-blue eyeshadow as well as a faint gray-blue lipstick. Her nails are painted black.

Her typical attire consists of a black hooded jacket without sleeves with pointed ears at the top. She wears a purple striped sweater behind it and grey pants. She has an animal paw print tattoo hidden just above her crotch, although it's not evident with her clothes on. She also has a nipple piercing in her left breast.


Eve is nonchalant as she doesn't seem to have the slightest care in the world when it comes to studying. She insists of having fun rather than studying as she values her friends more. Eve is not one to hold back her inhibitions to act or say what she likes, but is often slow to immediately share personal feelings or share her talents such as singing in front of others.


Eve is a laid-back scene looking girl who happens to have three friends who are all apart of her gang and freestyle rap group. Eve is also the MC's class mate in Mrs. Bissette class. She invites the MC to meet her at night at the park one day and drags him into a rap battle with Chico.


Invitation to Hang

Upon arriving to the classroom on the 'first day' of school, the player encounters Eve for the first time. Overhearing the news about the MC and his family, Eve invites the MC to come hang out at the park at night sometime.

Late Night Rap Battles

If the player arrives at the park at night, the MC is met by Eve (and her gang) where the player can have the opportunity to have a rap battle to any of the members to increase charisma.

Rap Gang

Eve's gang consists of Chico, Chad and Tyrone.