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Eve Rogers
"Eve illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Relatives Grace (sister)
Pregnancy Yes
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon–Fri)
Evening Park

Eve is a student at the main character’s school, and the sister of Grace.


Eve is a thin, blue‐eyed teenager whose hair is partially blue‐dyed like her eyebrows. She uses a dark eye shadow and a blue eyeline.

She wears a midnight‐blue tank top under a black hooded jacket with pointed ears at the top, and grey pants. Her loose studded belt comes with a buckle with a blue paw print on it. She has a close‐fitting necklace and her fingernails are painted black.


Eve is nonchalant and she doesn’t seem to have the slightest care in the world for the studies as she values the time spent with her friends more. She’s not one to hold back her inhibitions to act or say what she likes. Behind her tomboy facade, Eve turns out to be someone very sensitive, often slow to share feelings or talents such as singing.

Her inner fragility has deepened since the car accident that cost her parents their lives.


For the complete walkthrough, see Eve’s route.

Eve is a laid‐back scene looking girl. She lives with her older sister, Grace, in an apartment in the north of the city because she has a tense relationship with her parents. She is fond of music and regularly practices on her karaoke machine.

Eve is also the main character’s mate in Ms. Bissette’s class. She invites him to hang out with them at night at the park and drags him into rap battles.

The main character’s listening and encouragement towards her will entice Eve to finally bare it all.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Eve.
Quick overview
Karaoke Night Fever
Carried away by music and alcohol, Eve takes the top off in a very rock and roll attitude.

Draw Me like One of Your Girls

How to provide the main character with a better source of inspiration? Eve answers the question with a well‐orchestrated strip‐tease.

Forbidden Fruit

After many twists and turns, Eve and the main character are determined to finally find themselves alone under the tent to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

Come as You Are

The exploration of the loving bodies gives way to new experimentations, for new sensations.


Eve’s locker shows her rebellious side