Ms. Okita

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Tori Okita
"Ms. Okita illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon–Fri)

Tori Okita is the science teacher at the main character’s school.


Ms. Okita is a flat‐chested Asian woman with straight black hair and dark‐brown eyes.

Her school attire is limited to a white lab coat and a pair of black stockings. Clipboard and pens are her accessories. She is used to wearing lingerie directly under the protective cloth.


Ms. Okita approaches everything in a logical and scientific manner. She is willingly supercilious towards her pupils and evinces no scruple about her own aspirations. Her frigidity is only equaled by her curiosity. At first, she states she is asexual, but she affirms her orientation as the attraction to the main character goes higher.


For the complete walkthrough, see Ms. Okita’s route.

Former scientist who has been fired from Cuntech for ethical misconduct, she was appointed as a teacher at Summerville high school, with the strong determination to take revenge. She often has new ideas for inventions but their achievements always terminate in an unanticipated way.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Ms. Okita.
Quick overview
I See Naked People
Ms. Okita’s new glasses display a lot more than they should do.

Penis Examination

The main character’s distinctive anatomy intrigues the scientist. A thorough inspection is planned.

Orgasmic Sensations

Ms. Okita is testing her new invention when the main character decides to turn on the micro‐vibrations.

For Scientific Purpose Only

The science teacher is dedicated to collecting the last ingredient for her serum: the main character’s semen.

Augmented Reality

The student enjoys the virtuality imagined by Ms. Okita. How does she make it so real?