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InformationMajor spoilers are blurred out and appear only when hovered over. By displaying them, you agree to knowingly be exposed to them.
  • Eve can be either female or trans depending on your decisions during step 11. To access this definitive choice, you must answer “Maybe.” to Eve’s question about the main character’s interest in bisexuality, then confirm it later on a selection screen.
  • The character’s appearance will correspond to your preference.
  • A new achievement will be validated at the end of Eve’s route.


  1. Meet Eve in the park in the evening.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Enter the school cafeteria where a battle is raging between Eve and Annie.
  2. Next day, Ms. Ross is cheering Eve in the school right hallway. Follow the blue‐hair girl into the assembly hall and talk to her. In the evening, comply with Eve’s invitation and go to Sugartats, the tattoo parlor. Get to know Grace - Eve’s older sister, Odette - her friend, and Tuuku - the… gardener. The tour of the premises begins with the garage (from the exterior), then up the stairs, in Grace’s apartment.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. At school, Eve challenges you to skip classes. But when you get to the parlor, you notice something’s wrong. Odette, still asleep in the garage, is not much help to you. Continue your way through the apartment where a family quarrel erupted.

Dress Code

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Spy on the girls in the school boys’ locker room. Again you’re at the rescue to raise Eve’s spirits as she’s hiding in the assembly hall. In no way should the hall monitor impose a school dress code! Unfortunately, consulting Principal Smith doesn’t do any good. Skip to the afternoon, then visit Coach Bridget in her office; the sport teacher seems more concerned and 5 points in dexterity gives you the support from the only person who can stand up to the principal.
  2. Next day, inform Eve of the good news in the French classroom. Once again the spell fell on her and she get soaked with beer. At the door of Grace’s apartment, Eve calls for a diversion. Find the poor girl in the bathroom.

Big Trouble in Little Park

  1. Next day, Eve is scheming something in the school locker room. Her revenge is all the more delightful and continues in the evening, in the park, with the help of Tuuku. Things take an unexpected turn and here they are arrested by the cops. As soon as you get out of custody, join Grace and Eve in the police station’s parking lot.
  2. Next day, go to school to find out that your classmate is absent. After a few words with Grace and Odette at the tattoo shop, proceed to the apartment.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. The young delinquent is back in the French classroom and she gives you a date when you talk to her. A mechanical failure damps Eve’s hopes, and her two guardians are still there when you arrive at Sugartats in the evening. Using the fire escape, you both climb up the rooftop.
Save here for Eve’s gender choice.
  1. From up there, the view is breathtaking. Soon, beers are not enough to warm Eve up and you follow her into the tent for a drawing session. One thing leading to another, you end up sharing your body heat together.

My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend

  1. Next day, in the afternoon, meet Eve in the school right hallway. A cat fight begins between the girl and Roxxy, resulting in everyone being in detention. But their common detestation for Annie quickly reconciles them.
  2. Next day, in the morning, Eve is in her usual sit in French class. A new invitation is made.

Grace’s Bike

Wait until Saturday or Sunday.
  1. Talk to Odette in the tattoo parlor. The two sisters are in the garage, trying to repair Grace’s bike. 5 points in intelligence provide sufficient knowledge to do it by yourself. A well‐deserved moment of unwind allows everyone to reveal themselves a little more.
  2. Next day, go check how the girls are recovering from the hangover. Eve has an idea to revitalize the parlor; accompany her to the mall, then to the library and the park, and come back to Sugartats. The advertising is a success! In her gladness, Grace would almost forgive Odette for throwing a party the following weekend!

The Party

Wait until Saturday evening.
  1. The party is already well underway when you get to the building. As you reach the roof, you meet Grace, then Jane, Jenny, and Odette. When Eve finally comes forward, she’s unrecognizable. After a quick chat with Tuuku and Pilly in the alley, the elder sister puts a sudden stop to the festivity.

Romantic Dinner (and More if Affinity)

  1. Next day, go back to Sugartats. Odette is having a hard time; a new plan is set in motion. Buy the candle at Consum-R and the box of chocolates at Cupid, both inside Hillside Mall. Tuuku, who is either on the roof or hanging around in the alley, will be in charge of the wine. There is no better lasagna than Tony’s Pizza’s, go there and buy some. The table is set in the apartment. The diner should give you and Eve enough time to let you finish what was started previously on the roof.

The New Eve

  1. Next day, you meet Eve at school, where she makes a strong impression, then in her bedroom at night for a new two‐way experience.
  2. Next day, in the evening, a surprise awaits you in Eve’s bedroom. This scene has to be replayed to unlock the second version.
You get the achievement Eve Tat-2.0.
You get the achievement The full Ackbar only if you chose a trans gender for Eve.

Optional scenes

Easy Rider

  1. Next day, Odette would like to sincerely thank you, in her own way… on the bike!


Wait until Saturday or Sunday.
  1. Odette doesn’t forget Grace. The roommates are in a very private atmosphere when you join them in the apartment during the evening. But a body‐to‐body massage with such pretty girls cannot stay innocent for very long. This scene has to be replayed to unlock Odette’s version.


For more information about the pregnancy planning pills, see Dating and pregnancy § Pregnancy


  • When Eve is transgender, she cannot become pregnant as she doesn't have female genitals.


Having sex with Grace provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, read the phone message and enter the tattoo parlor for the announcement. It requires 10 in charisma for the main character to convince Grace to keep the baby.


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