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  • This walkthrough is the continuation of the Second part of the main story and starts after the hero has found incriminating evidence in Rump's office and turned it over to the police. For convenience, the steps are numbered in sequence with the preceding walkthrough.
    Time with Dad and Father Keeves
  1. Go to see Tony at the Pizzeria the next day and inform him of the evidence found in the Rump residence. He will encourage the hero to make the tough journey to the Graveyard to finally visit his Father's grave.
  2. At Frank's gravesite the hero relays the events of the Main Story and his daily life up till that point. He will soon be joined by Father Keeves on his lunch break, who will begin a long discussion that ends in retelling the events of the main story so far. Once the hero departs in some frustration, Father Keeves will make a mysterious phone call and accept the job offer of the person on the other end of the line.
  3. In Steps the Daughter

  4. After leaving the Graveyard a mysterious black car will pull up beside the hero. A large man will grab him and toss him into the back seat of the car where he will meet Russian Mafia boss Raz's daughter, Nadya. She will make him an offer that he had better not refuse.
  5. Next day tell Tony about the unexpected meeting with Nadya and her offer. He is skeptical of her offer of assistance but is willing to help the hero to fulfill his end of the bargain.
  6. No Time for Banking

  7. On Tony's advice head to the Bank and ask Liu about the item stored there that Nadya wants. While talking to her, her husband Kim shows up in a very agitated state and rudely drags her into the back of the Bank to demand she get ready to leave Summerville in a hurry.
  8. Witness Kim being abusive towards Liu and step in to stop him. After a brief confrontation, Kim retreats and the hero helps a disheveled but grateful Liu back to her feet. After informing her that he is seeking justice for her close friend, his dead father, she gladly agrees to help. She asks the hero to her apartment that evening to search for evidence of Kim's collusion with Rump and Raz.
  9. A Visit to Kim's Place

  10. Join Liu at the Seaside Apartments that evening and after discussing how important Frank was to her Liu lets the hero search the place. After a thorough search he notices something odd about Kim's statue and finds ample evidence there of Kim's part in the conspiracy with Rump and Raz.
  11. Liu is very excited to finally be free of Kim and especially grateful to the hero for his part in it. In the middle of showing him just how grateful she really is Kim returns and confronts them. After a rather pathetic attempt at violence with the hero, both he and Liu humiliate Kim who beats a hasty retreat. Liu agrees to help retrieve the item from the bank that Nadya wants and will meet him at the Pizzeria the next day to discuss the details.
  12. After dropping off the new evidence at the Police station it's time for bed. Harold assigns Yumi to keep her cruiser in Debbie's driveway to discourage anyone from harassing the family.
  13. So Here's The Plan

  14. Next day Liu is at the Pizzeria where Tony is plying her with pizza rolls. She informs them of the security measures at the Bank and suggests Tuesday mornings are the best time to pull off the heist. Tony informs the hero they need a bag of equipment vital to the operation that's in his apartment where Maria is at home resting because she has a cold.
  15. A sick Maria is surprised by the visit but agrees to allow the hero to enter the bedroom to retrieve Tony's duffle bag. As he leaves he sees a sick but still gorgeous Maria asleep on the couch.
  16. It's Showtime

  17. Tuesday morning meet Tony outside the Bank where he opens the duffle bag of "equipment", including some very interesting facemasks.
  18. After a dramatic entrance of the Bank it's noticed it was unnecessary as the place is empty except for Liu and the sleeping security guard. After some play-acting for the security cameras, Liu is "forced" to take the hero to the vault as Tony secures the still sleeping security guard.
  19. Once Tony joins them they "force" Liu to open the vault. Once inside there are no more security cameras so everyone can relax. Retrieve the suitcase that contains the item Nadya wants and examine the contents. After everyone seems amazed by the mysterious item Tony says it's time to go and leaves the hero alone with Liu. After turning down Liu's offer to visit her that night as being unwise under the circumstances he ties her up and departs with Tony.
  20. Safely back at the Pizzeria with the item secured call Nadya to arrange the handoff with her. She tells the hero to meet her at Raven Hill the next evening.
  21. Now it's Nadya's turn

    Save here. After this point, you will be locked into finishing the main story through step 64 before you can continue with other story lines. Make sure your strength and dexterity are at 10 before continuing.
  22. Next day in the evening at Raven Hill see Nayda's man Jab standing outside of her black sedan. After a few awkward words with the man that has been shaking him down for money for the last few weeks, Nadya orders Jab to let the hero in the car. Once inside give Nadya the briefcase and after she happily examines the contents she tells the hero that she will need a few days to get her father's men on her side. Once she has she will inform him and they can then take down Raz together.
  23. After leaving Nadya call Tony to update him and return home for the evening.
  24. This Escalated Quickly

  25. Outside the Home the door to the house and the police cruiser are ajar. Hurrying inside, the hero finds a semi-unconscious Officer Yumi at the foot of the stairs with a bullet wound in her upper arm. She confirms his worse fears, the Russians attacked the house and have abducted Debbie and Jenny. Harold shows up and while providing aid to Yumi tries to stop the hero from leaving but to no avail.
  26. Outside the house call Tony and inform him of what has happened. He convinces the hero not to head directly to the Warehouse but instead to meet him at the Pizzeria.
  27. At the Pizzeria Maria is waiting with Tony who has his trusty pipe ready for a rough evening. Call Nadya, who is already aware of the abduction but who is reluctant to move up the operation as she has had no time to turn her father's men to her side yet. After making it known he won't wait to rescue Debbie and Jenny Nadya reluctantly agrees to help.
  28. Harold then shows up and despite Tony's skepticism of his intentions, removes his uniform and badge and agrees to help them.
  29. The trio finds Nadya waiting for them outside the Warehouse surprisingly with a black suit wear Father Keeves. It is here that to their surprise and Tony's admiration they learn that Father Keeves isn't exactly who he claimed to be. Tony and Harold go to take their places outside the Warehouse and Father Keeves also takes his position. Nadya gives the MC some parting encouragement, and then he enters the "point of no return."
    A kiss for good luck?
  30. Into the Belly of the Beast

  31. After a harrowing journey through a sewer pipe and up a ladder the hero finds Jab waiting for him in the Warehouse. He hands over a towel to clean up with but refuses to offer any further help at this point. Enter the next room alone via a garage door to discover another door waiting. Past that door, he sees Raz, Nadya, and Dimitri standing over Debbie and Jenny and demanding they return the briefcase. Raz and Nadya retreat upstairs to the office as Dimitri drags the girls into another back room for further "encouragement".
    Emerging from the tunnel
  32. Now seeing the main Warehouse space full of Raz's goons, return to the previous room and look for something to help clear them out of the way. An interesting weapon is an obvious choice and he reemerges to confront them with it. After their initial shock, they are assumed as his weapon is aimed in the wrong direction. Not realizing this the hero fires it, the concussion knocking everyone to the floor. The now angry goons approach for retribution only to begin dropping like flies. Father Keeves, from a window on the roof, uses his rifle to make short work of the goons. At this point Harold and Tony storm in and finish off the rest of the goons at close quarters.
  33. After confirming the goons were handled and that Father Keeves has disappeared, Harold searches further into the Warehouse as Tony makes sure the hero is fine. They eventually follow the now non-responsive Harold to discover many scantily clad ladies making illegal substances.
  34. After "liberating" the very happy naked ladies they meet Svetlana, who informs them that Dimitri took the girls further in.
  35. Entering the next door they see Dimitri hovering over Debbie and Jenny with a knife, threatening to harm them if they don't tell him where the briefcase is. After confronting Dimitri he taunts them to distract them from seeing Igor in the shadows. After Igor shoots Tony in the arm and Harold subdues him the hero is alone to confront Dimitri. Dexterity will need to be at 10 to complete the minigame.
  36. Boss Fight

  37. After defeating Dimitri and freeing the girls you head upstairs to confront Raz much to Jenny's dismay. After entering the room you see Nadya is also there. Raz complains about your father's unfortunate conscience to distract you as he retrieves his gun. Aiming it towards the hero it is kicked out of his hands and the hero and Raz both struggle on the floor for it. Strength will need to be at 10 to complete the minigame.
  38. With the gun now safely in the hero's hands, Raz says to him he's weak like Frank and doesn't have it in him to kill him. When the hero insists that Raz must live to face punishment Nadya kills her own father, insisting he is too dangerous to live. After offering to reward him for his help the hero says it's probably a good idea for Nadya to depart before the police show up, but she promises to reward him later.
  39. All's Well that Ends Well

  40. Returning back downstairs the police have shown up and there's no trace of Nadya, the scantily clad ladies, or Father Keeves. Harold promises to smooth things over and Tony escorts the group back Home.
  41. Next day the hero wakes up and reflects on events. Yumi shows up to provide them with an update and Debbie insists the still injured police officer come in for breakfast. The hero bemoans the fact that Debbie's house is still heavily mortgaged and wonders what his father did with the money he embezzled from Raz. Liu calls to tell him she misses him and asks him to visit her that evening.
  42. After visiting Liu that evening the hero goes to leave but notices the painting his father gave Liu. A note to her from Frank drops out of it. At the conclusion of the letter, he asks her to tell the hero a message from him. That his legacy lies with the Dink.
  43. The Good Ole Dink

  44. The next day visit the Treehouse to take a look at the good old Dink. After scaring away the seagulls to take the tarp off the boat Erik appears and is cross with you. Apparently, he really does watch birds. After telling him about Frank's letter both overlook the Dink and are surprised to find a bag full of the embezzled money and another emotional letter to the hero from his father. He asks him to take care of Debbie, Jenny, and Liu with the money.
  45. Head straight to the Bank to give Liu the great news. Pay off Debbie's mortgage and give Liu half of what is left for her to start a new life as Frank wanted. With the other half of the money left, the hero's college tuition has been secured.
  46. Head home to give Debbie the wonderful news.
  47. She's Not Done With You Yet

  48. Sleep at home and be awoken several days later by a knock on the door. To your surprise and Debbie's horror Jab is there. Very apologetically he tells them Nadya sent him to invite the hero to the Warehouse, which she acquired by auction, where she has started a legitimate business producing Vodka. After giving them a bottle he departs.
  49. Despite Debbie's severe misgivings visit the Warehouse to meet Nadya. There Svetlana greets the hero. She is now Nadya's bodyguard. She will take him to the office to talk to Nadya. At the doorway they meet a naked Katya, who now serves as Nadya's "business adviser".
  50. Inside, a very satisfied-looking Nadya will offer the hero a job, which he can take his time deciding on accepting. She also offers to finish what they started the other night and have him help her start the next generation of her "family" business.


For more information about the feature, see Pregnancy.


Sex with Liu provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, receive a phone call and visit her at her apartment immediately that morning. With enough charisma points, you successfully convince her to keep the baby. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she’s in labor; read it and meet her at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Liu.


Sex with Nadya provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, receive a phone call where she informs you of the glorious news. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she’s in labor; read it and meet her at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Nadya.

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