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Char helen 01.png
Relatives Harold (husband), Mia (daugther)
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey
Day Mia's House
Night Mia's House


Mia's mother Helen is a stunning woman with puffy brown hair and grey eyes.

Her usual attire consist of a tight purple blouse and white pants. Wears white earrings and always wears a rosary around her neck.


Being raised of strict Christian faith, she's stern and repressive of her own daughter to be able to make decisions for herself. Her religion causes her to disillusion herself to forgive despite that being of basic principals.


Helen is the mother of Mia and the wife of Harold. She's a very religious women and as such raised Mia on such a controlling and strict lifestyle she could think of. She constantly represses anything sexual Mia does and berates Harold at night. She's gone as far that she and Harold sleep in separate beds.