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Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Gray
Relatives Harold (husband)
Mia (daugther)
Morning Mia's House (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon Mia's House


Helen is a stunning woman with puffy brown hair and gray eyes.

She wears wisely a tight short-sleeved purple blouse and white pants. A thin white fabric goes around her waist. She has no ostentatious accessories, but earrings and a golden rosary around her neck.


Being raised of strict christian faith, she's stern and repressive of her own daughter to be able to make decisions for herself. Her religion causes her disillusion to forgiven despite that being of basic principals.


Helen is the mother of Mia and the wife of Harold. She raised her daughter on a controlling and strict lifestyle. She represses Mia's sexual curiosity and berates Harold regularly for his lack of commitment. Their marriage is so deteriorated that they now sleep in separate beds.

She is a fervent religious women who has been attending the church for over twenty years. But her interest in an ancient sacrament praised by Sister Angelica with the complicity of the main character, will change her temperament forever.


See Mia and Helen's route for the complete walkthrough.


Harold's Long and Hard Stick

  • Helen has found an unusual tool to calm her sexual desire: her husband's police baton!


  • Who would have thought a religious sister would know so much about BDSM? Certainly not Helen who is about to be whipped!


  • Sister Angelica wants the main character to use the hard way to purify the sinful woman from within. She volunteers herself if he doesn't make the sacrifice.


  • Now that she has received the main character's holy seed, Helen is ready to serve him without shame in her own bedroom.