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Char roxxy 01.png
Relatives Crystal (mother), Clyde (cousin)
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Day School
Night Beach


Roxxy is a very well endowed teen with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her typical daily wardrobe consists of a skimpy tight pink tank top (which barely covers her black bra) and silver short shorts. She wears silver earrings.


Just like her boyfriend Dexter, she comes across as smug, thinking the world revolves around her.

She is a self-proclaimed "Alpha bitch" who enjoys ordering her friends (Becca & Missy) around.

She also has an almost complete disregard for rules, and an open disdain for all things academic in general, unless it affects her ability to be a cheerleader.


The player first meets Roxxy alongside with her boyfriend Dexter as they blatantly insult the MC for his father being dead. Prior to that event, Roxxy asks the MC for his homework and has to option to humiliate her.


Welcome Back To School

Arriving back to school, the player is met by Roxxy and Dexter. Upon meeting, Roxxy and Dexter blatantly insult the MC for his father being dead.

Sucettes Pour Les Devoirs

Upon completing the first French assignment given by Mrs. Bissette, Roxxy will ask the MC for the homework. The player has the option of giving it to him or humiliate her by giving the MC her lollipop she's been sucking on. Dexter will appear after the player has given the homework to Roxxy and will tell the MC to not interact with Roxxy ever again.