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Mistress and Maid

  1. Visit Mayor Rump’s mansion in the afternoon, you need 7 points in charisma to bypass the bodyguard. Loud protests are arising from the kitchen downstairs where a servant is dealing with the inappropriate expectations of the not‐so‐great mayor of Summerville. Follow her out into the garden; going from bad to worse, she is now insulted and jostled by the mistress of the place, Melonia Rump. This poor creature is called Consuela, as the alluring landscape gardener makes the introductions and the translations. Might as well finish the visit! You have barely arrived in the master bedroom when you already have to hide under the bed. But you can’t avoid the next encounter with Melonia.

Damsel in Distress

  1. Next day, there is no question of leaving Consuela to her sad fate, so come back in the morning to the mansion and have a talk with Melonia about her. The oiled, tanned, and half‐naked gardener, Ricky, awaits you in the estate backyard in the afternoon. Consuela’s replacement can now be seriously considered.

This Is the Droid You’re Looking For

  1. Head for the Pink store, in the shopping mall. Ivy promotes a dedicated robot to you when you mention you’re looking for a new maid. Thotbot costs you, however, $1,000.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Pick up the package from Pink and bring it to Rump estate. Consuela shows you no gratitude for her dismissal!

Get a Job

Wait for Sunday morning.
  1. It’s on the sidewalk of the shopping mall that you find the Latina, begging for a new job:
    • The search for a new employer takes you to the church on where Father Keeves is making a grand entrance. Talk to him and his many personalities. Next day, return to the priest and ask him about Consuela. Unfortunately, the later meeting between the applicant and the clerics turned out to be a fiasco!
    • Accompany the woman to the school; but here again, Consuela refuses the position when confronted with her own daughter’s intransigence.
    • Your last choice is the hospital. Third time’s a charm... well, not really, since this job imposes a somewhat interview with the receptionist in the second floor storage room, and in private!
    Thanks to your sacrifice, Consuela now has a new job. But her story doesn’t end there!

Who’s the Boss?

You must have bought the beachhouse.
Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. Enter the beachhouse and sleep in the bed on the second floor.
  2. Next day, you get an impromptu visit from Consuela and Martinez. You’ve just found your new housekeeper.

Living Loving Maid

  1. Next day, in the afternoon, Consuela is already at work, singing and waddling her bottom in the kitchen. Check on her.
Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. As usual, the maid is in the kitchen in the afternoon. But her dedication to the house cleanup extends now to its occupant.
Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. Your awakening in the beachhouse is interrupted by the exclamations of Martinez, who seems to have little consideration for you, unlike her mother...
  2. Next day, Consuela gives you an unobstructed view of her, enough to take away all your self‐restraint. New options let you decide the manner in which she should do the housework.


For more information about the pregnancy planning pills, see Dating and pregnancy § Pregnancy.

Having sex with Consuela provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, read the phone message and visit the beachhouse for the announcement. A new message notifies she has given birth at the end of the fifth week; read it and meet the Latina woman at the hospital. It takes another three weeks until the baby is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Consuela.

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