Ms. Ross

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Barbara Ross
"Ms. Ross illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Green
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon–Fri)

Barbara Ross is the art teacher at the main character’s school.


Ms. Ross is easily recognized by her loose afro brown hair and her pale brown tone. Her sparkling green eyes and a full mouth make her even more sensuous.

Her clothes are made up of an informal jungle‐green dress, and an open white shirt with knotted edges and rolled‐up sleeves. The multicolored paint stains that maculate the latter betrays her activity. She’s not wearing any underwear or shoes. Finally, a couple of jewels enhance her coquetry: a pair of green earrings, and a neon‐pink ankle bracelet.


Ms. Ross is an enthusiastic teacher. She always pushes her students to develop artistic fiber, if necessary by exposing themselves, even if it puts her position at risk.


For the complete walkthrough, see Ms. Ross’ route.

From her hippie past, she has kept a great tolerance towards others and an open mind, especially about sexual practices.

It’s therefore with pleasure that she would share with the main character her ideal of free love.


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Quick overview
Nude Modelling
Ms. Ross is looking for a new model. Who else can be a better nude model than Judith?

Body Painting

The new artistic work of the main character requires to be done directly on the body of the teacher, but also inside her.