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Information icon.pngThe main story starts after the prologue, on the second day.
    The Bad Guys
    Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. The police officer Harold is reassuring the landlady in the kitchen, and you get to know his partner, Yumi. Suspicion is growing thicker around your father’s death and the debt he incurred.
  2. Allow 2 days to pass.
  3. The breakfast is ruined by two Russian‐accented thugs at the front door. While Debbie’s making a statement in the kitchen, Jenny has her own opinion in the hallway.
  4. Allow 5 days to pass.
  5. No sooner have you crossed the home threshold than the intimidation resumes. The housemates aren’t much more confident.
  6. Veni, Vidi, Tony

    This event is randomly triggered after an 11-day delay.
  7. It could have been just another day but Igor and Dimitri decided otherwise. Your rescue is due to Tony’s interposition. After recounting the incident to Debbie and Jenny, you find solace in your bed.
  8. Next day, the least you ought to do is thank Tony in his restaurant. A deliveryman’s position just opened up: with the bike purchased at Consum-R, distribute the pizza in the right order to be hired.
  9. Racketeers only show up during the day
    From that point on, the mafia ambushes begin. As a consequence, it’s recommended that you regularly transfer the earnings to the bank account.

    The Scooter

    Succeed 3 pizza deliveries and allow 3 days to pass.
  10. Meet the voluptuous redhead named Tina in the pizzeria. Tony convinces you to shift up a gear. Saga Dealership has what you need, but the receptionist is uncooperative and the salesman despicable. Finally Josephine accepts if you fetch her precious cell phone. 4 points in dexterity let you improvise a diversion in Mr. Sato’s office. Josephine suggests the scooter for $1,100. Trot the motorcycle out to Tony, this is a good start!
  11. The Italian Job

    Succeed 5 pizza deliveries and allow 4 days to pass.
  12. Next day, Maria introduces you to pizza making and demands 4 handmade dishes.
  13. Next day, Tony confides in you that making a child is not as easy as baking.
  14. The Small Car

    Succeed 4 pizza deliveries.
  15. Tony insists you buy new wheels. Head to the car retailer where Josephine is having a falling out with her colleague about private pictures. Since you can’t change Kim’s mind, find the mechanic in the garage who asks you to retrieve a tool bag in exchange for the service.
  16. The next two steps are optional if they have already been done.
  17. First buy a swimsuit in the department store at the mall. Try entering the swimming pool stalls until Cassie expels you. Come back in the evening. A brief midnight swim and the ban is lifted!
  18. Next day, return to the public pool and fail to drown yourself so you gain access to the medic room.
  19. Grab the bag inside the fourth stall. At Saga Dealership, Jiang delivers the goods; but can you stay true to your word? That choice affects Mr. Sato’s daughter’s next reward. The small city car is yours for $4,500. Take it to Tony’s Pizza; here we go again for another round of deliveries, this time in a pink toy!
  20. Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

    Succeed 8 pizza deliveries and allow 5 days to pass.
  21. Tina is at Tony’s Pizza, keeping up to date with the couple’s adoption. There’s a sack of flour waiting for your muscles (and 5 points in strength) in the storage room. The Russians arrive uninvited and are well‐received by Tony, Maria… and her shotgun. The situation is out of control.
  22. Fast & Furious (The Sports Car)

    Succeed 7 pizza deliveries.
  23. Next day, go to the pizzeria. Deliveries pay off, so put that money into a better engine. Josephine, never short of mischief at the dealership, forces you to swipe a vest in the office. The assistant invents a new game to pass the time together.
  24. Next day, as you enter Saga Dealership, you come across some new Russian faces, including a rather cute one. Buy the sports car with a ridiculous name but an astronomical price, and let Tony admire it.
  25. A Dish Best Served Hot

    Succeed 10 pizza deliveries and allow 4 days to pass.
  26. Tony tells you that a new order was made. Enter the apartment building, then go to the third floor, room 301. A scantily clad Tina drags you into a sex romp. What a stupefaction for Becca, her daughter! In case you bought the beach house, go to sleep in Debbie's house instead of the beach house.
  27. Josie’s Hardwork

  28. Next day, in the morning, you have a phone call from Miss Sato. As soon as said, as soon as done; you’re in the showroom looking for the unwise one. You can’t help but notice the strange game between Mayor Rump and Kim, which continues into the garage. Report to Josephine in the office. Work gives way to pleasure, and you end up naked on her father’s desk.
  29. What Happens in the Pizzeria Stays in the Pizzeria

  30. In the afternoon, go to the Italian restaurant. The place’s owner praises your efforts with the latest client.
  31. Next day, in the morning, the pizza guy is willing to share information with a sine qua non condition: make his wife pregnant! Wait for Tony to put a little romance, then enter the storage room in the evening.
  32. Save here for the branching.
  33. With or without her husband’s support, Maria devotes herself unreservedly for the good cause.
  34. Have sex with Maria and make her pregnant.

    The Hideout

    Allow 1 week to pass.
  35. Tony proclaims the good news by an early morning call: they will have a baby! Join them in the restaurant. With both the address of the Russian hideout and the binoculars from the treehouse now in your possession, you take the initiative and approach the warehouse in the evening. Posted in a bush, you barely recon the dreaded place before a crack breaks the silence and leaves you unconscious.
The main story continues with Main story: Part 2.

Optional scenes

Mise en Bouche

All it takes is to become a true pizza maker for Maria to show that her kneading skills apply to various things.

Kiss the Chef

Visit Maria in the afternoon and discover that sex is also on the menu; a specialty that goes perfectly with pregnancy.

Sex in the Office

After a memorable coitus interruptus, Josie is willing to do it again in all the dealership’s rooms.


For more information about the feature, see Pregnancy.


Making Maria pregnant is a prerequisite in order to complete the main story.

Sex with Maria provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, receive a phone call and visit the restaurant for the announcement. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she’s in labor; read it and meet them at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Maria.


Sex with Josephine provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, receive a phone call and visit the car dealership for the announcement. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she’s in labor; read it and meet her at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Josephine.

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