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Char Aqua.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Day Lair
Night Lair


Aqua is the amphibious monster girl that lives in the Lair in the Summerville harbor.

Her appearance is that of a young human-like fish creature with tentacles instead of hair, pointed ears, and webbed appendages. She also has a burning desire to find a mate.

She is seen naked at all times.


Aqua is very playful and mischievous. She steals the MC's lure when he goes fishing and is surprised when he finds his way into her lair to retrieve it. She makes friends with him as she is very lonely and he amuses her.


Aqua leads a lonely life in her underwater lair. She likes to talk to the fish and sea creatures around her, but Captain Terry has reduced their numbers considerably. She is also apparently the last of her kind, so she's still looking for a mate. She doesn't seem to care which species the mate comes from though...



The beginning of Aquas story.

boatsmith search

Search for the holder of the golden compass.

graveyard search

Search the graveyard for clues.

bell search

Search the church bell for clues.

altar search

Search the forest altar for clues.

treasure search

Search the beach for the treasure.

treasure unlock

Now you need to unlock the treasure chest.


You need to trade Terry for the golden lure.


You might meet someone while Fishing with the new lure


You need to chase after Aqua to get back your lure

squid guard

You need to fight off the squid guarding the lair.


You need to traverse the maze to get into the lair


You have discovered the secret lair of Aqua


You found Aqua after she stole your lure

mating proposal

You need to try convince Aqua to take you as her mate.

valor test

Aqua has given you a test of valor to become her mate


You can now mate with Aqua

seasucc intro

Aqua's pal and friend, SeaSucc


SeaSucc wants a mushroom before he becomes your friend


The end of Aqua's story