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"Aqua illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Greenish
Eye color Yellow
Morning Lair
Afternoon Lair
Evening Lair

Aqua is a secret character.


Aqua’s physical attributes are that of a young woman‐like amphibious creature: blue skin, yellow eyes, greenish hair made of tentacles, pointed ears, and of course webbed appendages. Her nipples point outward in opposite directions.

She is bareskin at all times.


Aqua is a frolic but lonely being, maybe the last of her kind. In search of a mate, she will only accept someone who can prove strength and courage. She is naturally suspicious of humans but later becomes allured by the main character’s qualities.


For the complete walkthrough, see Aqua’s route.

She leads a solitary life in her underwater lair off Summerville’s coast with for companions fishes she likes to talk to, and SeaSucc, a marine specie who shares her cave. Aqua blames Captain Terry, accusing him of stealing “fishies”.

She is a hell of a thief and her penchant for shinies causes Aqua to expose herself to the main character.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Aqua.
Quick overview
Wilderness Preservation
The main character must impress Aqua in order to experience real underwater sex.

The Life Aquatic

Discover SeaSucc, an animal, which, as its name suggests, has a certain talent for sucking. Any kind of sucking.