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Writing Advice

The main purpose of the walkthrough is to help Summertime Saga players to progress step by step in each of the routes offered by the game. This requires several writing efforts:

  • The different quests must be displayed in distinctive parts and be accompanied by a title, so the readers know where they have to look for.
  • The sentences must be easy to understand, both in their structure and in the vocabulary used, as these guides are also intended for people who are not native English speakers. Also write using the second‐person singular point of view, as if you were explaining the game to a friend.
  • For the what: The objective(s) may be mentioned – for example if they give direction to the story – but they should not be generalized everywhere.
  • For the when: Time of day and day of the week are two essential elements because the objectives are based on them.
  • For the where: Location is not mandatory if it has not changed since the previous quest, and if we can suppose the readers have already visited it. You don't need to repeat that Sister Angelica is in the room located on the second floor of the church for the third time since it's her usual place.
  • For the who: If a character has already been introduced by his/her name to the player in the previous steps, writing his/her name is not required. You could use adjective or term that refers to this character. Keep in mind that he/she should not be confound with somebody else.
  • Add hyperlinks! The walkthrough should not be exhaustive but refer readers to other articles. Items must always redirect to the pages dedicated to them. There is no need to repeat the same link several times in the same walkthrough.
  • Finally, read you again. If a passage seems confusing to you, there is a good chance that it will also be confusing to readers.


Each walkthrough has its first paragraph reserved for the requirements. They include, in a bullet list, anything that can be unlocked or acquired beforehand; such as items (but not the quest objects), locations, the main character's statistics, or how much money you need to complete the route.


Due to the wiki page format, please refrain to add too many or too big images. The illustrations are not limited to gameplay elements, but also to funny or memorable scenes that the players encounter in the game. Prefer the thumbnail format option and don't forget to add a caption text.

The full syntax for displaying an image is: [[File:filename.extension|options|caption]]


After many tries, it seemed impossible to me to use the basic lists as recommended by MediaWiki. The presence of many sub‐items in the walkthrough, such as titles or specific indications (which both require special indentations), systematically breaks the order of steps. So I came with the HTML syntax which allows you to indicate starting values.

Wikitext Rendering
<ol start="3">
<li>'''Step 3'''</li>
<li>'''Step 4'''</li>
<li>'''Step 5'''</li>
  1. Step 3
  2. Step 4
  3. Step 5

And with the sub-items:

Wikitext Rendering
'''Title A'''

<ol start="3"><li>Step 3</li></ol>

: Wait until...

'''Title B'''

<ol start="4"><li>Step 4</li></ol>

: Branching here

'''Title C'''

<ol start="5"><li>Step 5</li></ol>

Title A

  1. Step 3
Wait until...

Title B

  1. Step 4
Branching here

Title C

  1. Step 5