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"Diane illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Grey
Pregnancy Yes
Morning Diane’s house
Afternoon Diane’s house

Diane is Debbie’s close friend.


Diane is a well‐stacked woman, with grey eyes and short hair.

Her gardening outfit consists of a fashionable cream‐colored wide‐brimmed, canvas sunhat with a purple ribbon; matching purple earrings; a white shirt under sturdy overalls; and tan garden gloves.


Diane is very loving towards the main character, exchanging kisses and joking around with him whenever he helps out. Extremely focused on her business, Diane is interested in anything that can improve it.

Debbie’s main confidant, and thus the recipient of her guilty thoughts, she pushes her friend to fully enjoy life’s opportunities.

She is a divorced woman, and today she feels lonely in her big house.


For the complete walkthrough, see Diane’s route.

Diane’s main activities are vegetables and milk production. She offers the main character odd jobs such as delivering milk or taking care of the garden. Throughout the story, she has a secret fetish kept hidden.

Her actions become increasingly flirtatious with the help of alcohol, eventually making her intentions clear of what she wants from the main character.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Diane.
Quick overview
Veggie Sex
The main character understand why Diane has a preference for long, thick vegetables when he surprises her, naked, in the kitchen.

Skin Care

Diane needs two hands to apply sunscreen. Conscientious, he ensures that her back and boobs are not forgotten.

Diane’s Breast Got Talent

The woman knows how to use her generous breast to satisfy the main character in the shed.

Can’t Wait for the Dessert

Caresses under the table will not be enough to calm Diane’s appetite for the main character during the dinner.

Farmer Milk

The milking minigame is the proof that enjoyment at work is a real thing.


After many preparations, Diane is ready for the insemination.