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Char diane 02.png
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey
Day Diane's House
Night Diane's House


Diane is well-endowed women, with grey eyes and short hair.

Her attire consists of a fashionable cream-colored wide-brimmed, canvas sun-hat with a purple ribbon; matching purple earrings; a white shirt under sturdy overalls; and tan garden gloves. She holds a shovel sometimes, since she likes to maintain her garden from time to time.


Similar to Debbie, she is very loving towards the MC and shows this by kissing him on the cheek everyday whenever he helps out with the garden.

She is extremely focused on her business and is interested in anything that can improve it.


Diane's story line starts when the player goes over to her house one day after Debbie tells him Diane has offered to help the MC earn money. She tells you about her garden and asks if you can help her with it. Throughout the story, she has a secret fetish kept hidden from the MC. Her actions become increasingly flirtatious with the help of alcohol every now, eventually making her intentions clear of what she wants to do with the MC.


Diane Needs A Man To Protect Her

Diane Has Had A Tad Too Much To Drink

Diane Is Having Trouble Producing Milk

Diane Needs A Strong Bull To Breed Her

You Are Now Diane's Breeding Bull

Find the Pump

After helping with her vegetable garden, an event appears the day after the player starts helping her out. She asks the player to find a milk pump in the shed. Once the MC finds it and gives to Diane, she thanks the player for finding the milk pump.

Got Milk?

After finding the milk pump, Diane asks you to deliver milk cartons to the school. The milk cartons are located in the shed. Arriving at school, the player encountersĀ Annie, the school hallway monitor. She asks the player whether the milk is valid by showing her the receipt. Annie does not trust the MC, and he is sent to Principal Smith's office where Principal Smith is seen spanking a student from behind. Principal Smith validates the receipt but warns the player not to interrupt her again. Once completed, the player is rewarded 'mysterious milk' from a 'local producer'. The player has an option to drink it or not.

Dirty Little Secret

Arriving at the shed at night, Diane can be seen milking her breasts into a bottle. The player has an option to tell Diane that what's she doing is wrong. (Choosing either option does not affect the story line at all. )

Infestation Complication

After the scene with Diane, the player is able to go to Diane's house after the awkward interaction between the MC and Diane. After Dirty Little Secret, an event triggers with Diane telling the player her garden has been infested. A slide is shown with the player investigating the garden, after which the garden will now be infested with bugs and ruined crops. The player's goal is to pick everything up since all the vegetables had been ruined. Once the task is completed, Diane will have the player head to the Mall to buy bug repellent at Consum-r. At Consum-r, the player is required to ask the employee who works there to find the bug repellent best suited for the job where there are three to choose from. There are differentiating prices and types to choose from. Once these bug infestations have been cleared out, the player will now be rewarded double the pay for each vegetable the player picks up at Diane's garden.

Alcoholic Lotion Session

Charisma is required for this event to happen. To obtain charisma, the player can head into the park at night to findĀ Eve (and her gang). The player needs to have a near maxed-out bar or full bar (which is recommended) of CHR in order to view this scene. When you go to Diane's house after Infestation Complication you'll be met with a drunk Diane, who asks you to put lotion on her. As the MC applies lotion, Diane begins removing her overalls piecemeal, revealing more of herself to the embarrassment (and arousal) of the MC.

Margarita Masturbation

Following Alcoholic Lotion Session, the player can voluntarily get Diane drunk again this will lead you into her wanting to finish where you let off in ALS.

The Counter Has Seen Things

Whether or not the Alcoholic Lotion Session has been encountered, if the player goes inside Diane's house prior to completing "Infestation Complication", she is seen masturbating on the counter with a cucumber shouting the player's name. The MC at first doesn't decide to engage but the second time he will. The player needs to have charisma to be able to view a multitude of the sex scenes with Diane. Once a required amount of charisma is filled, the player can be able to view a multitude of sex scenes to choose from.

A Jug For Jugs

After engaging with Diane, the player now has the option to visit the shed at night. Once visited at night, an event is triggered where the player is required to buy a new milk jug in order to make milk. This can be purchased at the Mall, at Consum-r for $300. Once purchased, the player has to head back to the shed and will have to hold off another day for the sex scene to happen.

Picking Up The Package

After bringing her the milk, another event is triggered where the player is required to pick up a package at Pink. Once the player picks up the package and returns to the shed with Diane, a scene is triggered where Diane is dressed in a cow suit.

Milking and Filling The Cow

After fulfilling Diane's requests, the player can now view a sex scene with Diane which can be viewed from two-points of view, x-ray, and option of costume.