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"Grace illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Relatives Eve (sister)
Morning Sugar Tats
Afternoon Sugar Tats

Grace works at the tattoo parlor, and is Eve’s older sister.


Grace is an electric redhead with asymmetric haircut and blue eyes.

She’s dressed with a black crop top and purple shorts which allow her to show off many tattoos. Her ears are decorated with a pair of black earrings and piercings, and her nails are varnished in the same color. A slightly dark eye shadow contrasts with the intensity of her light eyes. The red hair is partly shaved on the sides. Grace definitely pays attention to her appearance.


The way the two sisters are always squabbling with each other, usually by uttering derogatory terms, proves a great complicity. Grace is maternal with her little sister, making sure she does the right things at school. She is friendly and willing to help the main character or her friends, but she always asks for something in return.


Since the relationship between her parents and sister deteriorated, Grace has been housing Eve in her apartment, above the tattoo parlor. This place, called Sugar Tats, is where Grace works.

She drives a motorcycle with her name on it, which proves that she has kept a wild side.


This character does not have a route yet.