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Char harold 01.png
Relatives Helen (wife), Mia (daugther)
Gender Male
Eye Color Grey
Day None
Night Mia's House


The husband of Helen and Mia's father. Harold is an ordinary man as he serves the public as a police officer. He has brown receding brown hair, bushy eyebrows, a bushy mustache, and a has stubbles down to his chin.

His typical attire consists solely of his police uniform.


Despite being the law, or the authoritarian figure in the house, Harold is submissive of his wife as he complies to everything what she says. This can be due since he's scared of being berated by his own wife Helen being a strict, Christian mother she is.


Harold is the husband of Helen and the father of Mia. He's the local sheriff. Between work and coming home to a strict Christian wife, his life is miserable. He lets Helen do as she must and as such doesn't control or question of how much of what happens in the house including how Mia was raised.