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"Harold illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Grey
Relatives Helen (wife)
Mia (daugther)
Morning Police station (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon Police station

Harold is a police officer. He is the husband of Helen and the father of Mia.


Harold has dark‐brown receding hair, bushy eyebrows and mustache, and has stubbles down to the chin. His eyes are grey.

He is always seen in his blue police uniform: the long‐sleeve shirt has pockets, shoulder straps with officer rank, and a shining gold badge; the trousers are held by a service belt. The blue peaked cap, adorned with a star, is usually carried under his arm.


If he represents the law in the streets, Harold concedes authority to his spouse Helen at home. He conforms to her rigorous way of life without daring to impose himself. Undeniably, he’s scared of being berated by the Christian mother she is. Happiness together now seems to be a thing of the past. But the love for his daughter Mia is intact.


Harold serves at Summerville police station with his partner Yumi and his chief Earl. Between home and work, Harold’s life is a wreck. Submissive to Helen and her religiosity, he lets her order the family, including how Mia is raised. As for his career, the investigation he’s conducting for two years to find the local night burglar is making no headway.

Harold will definitely need the help of the main character to get everything back on track.