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Iwanka Rump
"Iwanka illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Brown
Relatives Rump (father)
Morning Hillside Mall (Sat‒Sun)
Afternoon Hillside Mall (Sat‒Sun)

Iwanka Rump is Mayor Rump’s daughter.


Iwanka has a tall and voluptuous body shape. Her straight light‐blond hair falls unevenly down to the shoulders. Her eyes of brown color are highlighted by a dark eyeliner. Finally, a pastel‐pink lipstick is applied to her lips.

She wears a tight white dress, classic but elegant, which lets you figure out her ample breasts. A necklace and a pair of earrings, both emerald in color, are her only jewels.


She is loyal to her father and regularly accompanies him in the field.


As his advisor for all foreign affairs, Iwanka is in charge of the art contest held by the mayor, and in which the main character participates with the support of Ms. Ross. The first prize will open the doors of the Rump estate where the family resides for a future and bright encounter.


This character does not have a route yet.