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Iwanka Rump
"Iwanka illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Brown
Relatives Rump (father)
Melonia (mother)
Morning Rump estate
Hillside Mall (Sat–Sun)
Afternoon Rump estate
Hillside Mall (Sat–Sun)
Evening Rump estate

Iwanka Rump is the daughter of Ronald and Melonia Rump.


Iwanka has a statuesque body shape. Her straight light‐blond hair falls evenly down to the shoulders. Her brown eyes are highlighted by dark eyeliner and a pastel‐pink lipstick is applied to the lips.

She wears a tight white dress, classic but elegant, which lets you figure out her ample breasts. A necklace and a pair of earrings, both emerald in color, are her only jewels.


Ms. Rump is loyal to her father and regularly accompanies him in the field. Her childhood, however, suffered from a blatant lack of motherly love from Melonia.

She grew up in luxury and opulence so she cannot imagine doing without today. Appearance holds an important place in Iwanka’s life and has been “enhanced” through repeated cosmetic surgery, thanks to daddy’s money.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 2.

Aged twenty-six, Iwanka is the single child of the Rump couple, and, as such, is treasured within the walls of the family estate. She left college in the early years, yet her parents aspire she becomes the future president. Her rare authorized outings are dedicated to fashion boutiques and VIP parties where she can finally let loose herself.

Iwanka turns out to be a reliable helper - albeit a silly one - in the main character’s truth‐seeking. She is also in charge of the art contest sponsored by the mayor in which he participates with the support of Ms. Ross.


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