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    New Kid on the Block
  1. You wake up at home, in the main character’s bedroom. Grab the box off cookies on the couch, leave your room and meet Jenny in the hallway, then Debbie downstairs in the kitchen. You can grab the key to the attic next to the hat if you want. Leave the house through the front door.
  2. The map is now unlocked: open it and click on Erik’s house to be teleported next to your best friend. The school is now unlocked. Open the map and go to the school.
  3. The next step is the school where the joyful Mia is, as usual, already arrived. Roxxy and her boyfriend Dexter, then the principal, greet you each in their own way insde. Mia's house is now available from the map.
  4. On your way to Mrs. Smith's office on the 3rd floor you run into your friend Kevin. Here you learn about the gym and their Muay Thai trainer. This might come in handy to stand up for yourself later on.
  5. Reach Mrs. Smith’s office upstairs. Bad news, your grades are falling!
  6. Back in the main hall on the first floor, Annie opens your locker, the one with “Dead dad” written on it. Take the trading card, and it will appear in the red backpack which is your inventory.
  7. Leave your locker and move to the left hallway where you will meet Judith, and then into the boys locker room. Who better than Judith to celebrate your first-ever sexy scene? (The scene is now replayable in the cookie jar.)
  8. Coach Bridget is waiting in the courtyard off the main hallway, hurry up. You are also introduced to Ronda.
  9. Afterwards, comes Ms. Bissette’s turn in the French classroom in the main hallway. You also bump into another classmate, Eve and unlock the library and the park.
  10. Leave the classroom, and talk with Eric in front of the school. This will unlock Diane's house.
  11. Diane’s Garden

  12. Go to Diane’s house and enter the garden. Diane has broken her shovel. Go to your home and take the shovel in the garage (sneak a peek at Jenny in the garage while you are at it). Return to Diane’s house and help her with the garden.
  13. An Unpaid Debt

  14. Make sure you go back home by using the front door. Back at home, go hear Debbie yelling onto the phone in the kitchen. She seems to have some money trouble, and it has something to do with your father!
  15. Sleep in your bed. You'll wake up the next morning with numerous new map locations unlocked.
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