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Melonia Rump
"Melonia illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Relatives Rump (husband)
Iwanka (daughter)
Morning Rump estate
Afternoon Rump estate
Evening Rump estate

Mrs. Melonia Rump is the wife of Mayor Rump and the mother of Iwanka.


The first lady of Summerville has some pride in her comeliness: a fine line, deep‐blue doe eyes, and brown hair with long wavy cut.

She is dressed by the greatest couturiers with a navy‐blue double‐breasted coat taken in around the waist by a silver‐buckle beige belt; and azure‐colored pants. Her unique ring is set with a large diamond.


Mrs. Rump demonstrates constant support for the mayor and push their daughter Iwanka to follow her example.

Melonia doesn’t care about the lower housekeeping staff. But provided that the employee is a sturdy man, he promply ends up in her bed.


This character does not have a route yet.

Her daily activities are punctuated by her suntan upkeep by the jacuzzi and high society events.