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Char josephine 04.png
Relatives Mr. Sato (father)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day Car Dealership (SAGA)
Night None


Josephine is a young woman with brown hair and dark eyes.

She is seen wearing a blue business blazer.


Josephine is a lethargic employee, and holds a certain animosity towards her father Mr. Sato. She is willing to break work policies just to spite him.


Josephine works as a desk clerk at SAGA, her father's car dealership.


Renew Car Policy/Fix Car Engine

During the MC's first visit to the car dealership, Josephine is seen on her phone ignoring MC. She is reprimanded for this by her father Mr. Sato. Once she addresses MC's issue of an expired vehicle policy, she gives him the option of repairing the car engine for ten thousand dollars. The player is given two options, either pay the full amount or talk and see if there is an alternative solutions. Choosing to talk will convince Josephine to reapply the old insurance for free.