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Josephine Sato
"Josephine illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Mr. Sato (father)
Morning Saga Dealership
Afternoon Saga Dealership
Evening Saga Dealership

Josephine Sato, also called Josie by her close friends and family, works at Saga Dealership. She is the daughter of Mr. Sato.


Josephine is a Japanese American young woman turning twenty‐five. She has short brown hair, dark eyes, and a slight body.

She is seen wearing a blue business blazer curved at the waist, with a white shirt below. A pencil skirt in the same tone completes the outfit.


Josephine is a little devil inside. Hired by her father, she keeps creating chaos in the dealership in the vain prospect of being kicked out. All means are good to achieve this purpose, and the subversion of the main character is part of the scheme.

The relationship with Mr. Sato is that of an incorrigible teenager and alternates between snubbery and sanction. The animosity she bears for the first salesman, Kim, is fully reciprocal.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 1.

She contends against Kim’s zeal, while the father expects his daughter to behave professionally. Because Josephine has no taste for work, she turns away from it by texting, shopping online, or watching videos and streams where she is used to trolling with relish. The arrival of the main character grants new entertainment outlets for the girl.


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Quick overview
Hide and Seek
Josephine demonstrates her skill under the desk. Not sure she can put it on her resume!

The Rooms Where It Happened

After a memorable coitus interruptus, Josie is willing to do it again in all the dealership’s rooms.