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Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Gray
Morning Home
Afternoon Home
Evening Home


Jenny is a pretty tall girl with a curvaceous figure. Her ass is slim, making her chest the most prominent feature.

Her everyday attire consists of a light blue T‐shirt and purple panties.


Jenny is dominant with the presence of the main character. Greedy in nature, she doesn't do anything for free. She is willing to get her hands dirty but not to the point of degrading herself.


Jenny is a high school graduate. Former cheerleader, she won three consecutive state championships. She doesn't work and spends her days lounging in her bedroom. Jenny never misses an opportunity to ask the main character for money. But as we progress in the story, we learn she does have a plan to generate some cash.


See Jenny's route for the complete walkthrough.


Shower Peeking

  • The main character gets a delightful eyeful on Jenny in the shower. As the story progresses, more options are unlocked.

Panty Raid

  • For Master Somrak, the main character has to obtains her housemate's panties.

Breast Massage

  • Jenny lets the main character touch her breasts for money.

Dear Diary

  • Jenny's diary can be found in her bedroom. It reveals many of her naughty thoughts.

Computer Snooping

  • With the correct password, the main character accesses Jenny's computer and her nude pictures.

Cam Show

  • Jenny is also a cam girl who streams regular shows on her channel. The main character is able to enjoy them — or participate — as the trust between the housemates grows.

Finishing her route gives you access to new and old sex scenes with her:

Sex in the Shower

  • The main character can now have sex with "Princess" in the shower.

Sex in Jenny's Bed

  • With his relationship getting warmer, the main character gains the opportunity to sleep with Jenny.

Sex in the Living Room

  • The main character invites Jenny to watch the TV in the evening. Well, not just watching…

Watch the Neighbors

  • The main character invites Jenny to spy the neighbors for an additional scene as Mrs. Johnson makes her particularly horny.

Bad Monster

  • After having had sex in the shower, the main character offers Jenny her favorite sex toy, the Bad Monster. Enjoy the last cam show on the computer on the next day.