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"Jenny illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Grey
Relatives Cedric (ex‐boyfriend)
Morning Home
Afternoon Home
Evening Home


Presenting herself as a twenty‐four‐year‐old goddess, Jenny is a pretty tall girl with a curvaceous figure. Her butt is slim, making her E‐cup chest the most prominent feature.

She displays her self‐confidence by having only a light‐blue T‐shirt and purple panties on her.


Jenny is dominant towards the main character. Greedy in nature, she doesn't do anything for free. She is willing to get her hands dirty but not to the point of degrading herself. But she knows how to handle people easily, using her charms in particular.


Jenny is a college dropout. Former head cheerleader, she won three consecutive state championships. She was Grace's classmate and Cedric's girlfriend. She doesn't work and spends her days lounging in her bedroom. Jenny never runs out of ideas to get money out of the main character. As the story unfolds, we learn she does have a plan to generate some cash.

Submitting or facing Jenny will be a crucial choice for the main character, a choice that may well change their relationship.


  • This character can become pregnant.


For the complete walkthrough, see Jenny's route.
Scene list
Shower Peeking
The main character gets a delightful eyeful on Jenny in the shower.

Indecent Proposal

Jenny lets the main character touch her breasts for money.

Computer Snooping

With the correct password, the main character accesses Jenny's computer and her nude pictures.


Jenny is also a camgirl who streams regularly on her channel.

You Can Leave Your Mask On

The main character is now welcome to the shows as the trust between the housemates grows.

Deep Cleaning

Jenny attracts the main character into the shower for more intimate rubbing.

Pink Channel

Jenny and the main character both enjoy Pink Channel TV channel. It's amazing what she can do with her feet!

Neighborhood Watch

Spying on Mrs. Johnson makes Jenny particularly horny.

Warming up His Bed

Jenny doesn't wait for an invitation to enjoy the main character's bed.

Warming up Her Bed

The main character enters Jenny's bed in a tit‐for‐tat move.

Skinny Dipping

What can the main character and Jenny be doing side by side in the pool? And most importantly, why doesn't he wear a swimsuit?


When Jenny demands his penis, the main character is willing to give it, even in the dining room, even with Debbie in the kitchen…


What good is this hole in the attic for? It's up to you to discover it!