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Char jenny 06.png
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey
Day Home
Night Home


Despite having a curvaceous figure, she has a slim ass, making her chest her most prominent feature.

Her everyday attire consist of a light blue t-shirt and purple panties.


With the presence of MC, she is very dominant. Avaricious in nature, she is willing to get her hands 'dirty' but not to the point of degrading herself.


Jenny is a high school graduate. She doesn't work and lounges around most days; but she does have a plan to generate some cash along side you buying her panties for whatever purposes you may have. She couldn't care less as long as the money rolls in.



Shower/Cuddle 01

Used Panties

Cam Show 01

Telescope Spy 01

Breakfast With Jenny

Shower/Cuddle 02

Hallway Encounter 01

Couch Event 01

Couch Event 02

Wet Panties

Cam Show 02

Telescope Spy 02

Hallway Encounter 02

Shower/Cuddle 03

Couch Event 03

Panty Squirt

Cam Show 03

Telescope Spy 03

Shower/Cuddle 04

Jenny's Final Request Part 1

Jenny's Final Request Part 2

Shower/Cuddle 05

Cam Show 04

Shower Peeking

At the beginning of the game, the player can be able to view Jenny in the shower. When viewed, the player is punished for snooping in.

The Panty Raid

After meeting with Master Somrak and unlocking the option to train in Muay Thai (DEX), the player is required to pay in panties. In order to obtain panties, the player will have to pay Jenny $100.

Sleeping Together

At night, the player has an option to sleep with Jenny. Choosing the option, the player is again punished for getting inside her bed.

Dear Diary

The player is able to view Jenny's diary. The player has an option to view it or not. When viewed however, many of her naughty thoughts are written in there but flipping through the end, will grant you the password to her computer.

Computer Snooping

With the password, the player is able to access Jenny's computer. Accessing the computer with grant the player several nude pictures. This also where you can connect her camera feed to your computer.

Cam Show

Jenny tells the MC that her followers want to see proper fucking, and she tells him that he'll have the honor of bring the one who does it. In order to do the cam show scene MC must find a pair of handcuffs and a cheerleader outfit. The handcuffs are in the Pink store at the mall, and the cheerleader outfit is in the attic. To access the attic the player must find the key and the stool. The key is by the front door inside, next to the hat. The stool is in the garage, on a shelf to the left.