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    Erik’s Trading Cards
  1. In the afternoon, go to Erik’s house basement where your best friend is searching his trading cards collection. The box is in the cabinet under the tank fish inside the den. Bring it back to him in his bedroom. But he’s still missing a card, so leave for Hillside Mall, then Cosmic Cumics. Buy Cock Crown of Thorns from the showcase and give it to him.
  2. The Package

    Wait until next week.
  3. Make a deal with Erik in his house basement: he keeps the poker table and you order a new toy for him. Return to your bedroom and use the computer. Click on eGay then type Orcette in the search bar and purchase the item.
  4. Wait until next Tuesday.
  5. Pick up the package in your mailbox. Bring it to Erik in his bedroom during the evening; your friend cannot hide his joy at finally getting his hands on The Orcette.
  6. Defend Erik

    Allow 2 days to pass.
  7. Next day, Debbie informs you on your wake‐up that the neighbor is at the door. Have a discussion with Mrs. Tammy Johnson. Go see how your best friend is going in his bedroom: Dexter, the school bully, makes life difficult for him. Do your best at school to protect Erik (requires 4 in dexterity). Your courage doesn’t prevent you to get a beatdown. On your way back home, Tammy and Debbie are waiting for you at the entrance. Sleep in your bed.
  8. Favors for Erik

    Allow 3 days to pass and wait until Saturday or Sunday.
  9. Visit Erik in his basement. He’s having a drink while cleaning the place. This gives you an idea but first you need to convince him. The comic store has both the VR headset and the game World of Orcette on sale. Bring them to Erik.
  10. Instructions for Anna

    Yoga with Anna

  11. Either in the morning or the evening, agree with Tammy to replace her for the yoga lesson. Wait for the evening and greet Anna in the Yoga room. Follow the instructions: Downward Dog, then Happy Baby and finally Plow Position. You can hardly hide your excitement when you touch the lady’s shapes.
  12. Next day, report to the Yoga teacher.
  13. You get the achievement Yoga Apprentice.


    Allow 2 days to pass.
  14. Next day, enter Erik’s house in the evening. Nobody’s in his bedroom, so spy inside Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom: she’s a true replacement mother for Erik!
  15. Burglar in the Garden

    Allow 2 days to pass. You may need to sleep more times to trigger the telescope scene.
  16. At night, noises are coming from outside. After having used the telescope, investigate Tammy’s backyard and catch the burglar (requires 5 in dexterity). What a surprise when you realize he’s her ex‐husband.
  17. The Gentleman Thief

  18. Head to the police station basement where Larry has something to confess. Have a discussion with Tammy then disclose the message from Mr. Johnson to Erik. Tell Larry about the results. As proof of goodwill, he reveals that the stolen goods are stashed behind a tree in the park. Go get them and grab the golden key in the meantime (requires 5 in charisma).
  19. Strip Poker

    Allow 2 days to pass.
  20. Make a visit to Erik’s house in the evening. The tenant and the lady rally around the idea of a strip poker party (requires 5 in charisma). Still in the evening, invite Tammy in the basement. Win the game by stripping the landlady. Follow her in the den and receive some teasing on the couch.
  21. Next day, go to Erik’s house where she apologizes for the last night. Talk to Erik about Mrs. Johnson. Return to her to discuss about Erik. The first branching forces you to choose between two stories: sex education ends with Tammy’s threesome; finding a girlfriend lets you have solo sex with the landlady or June.
  22. When you see this popup, save!
    Save here for the first branching.

    Branch 1 – Sex Education

  23. Next day, enter Erik’s bedroom in the evening before Tammy calls you both and explains what she needs for the party.
    • Go to the library, take a look at the shelf and grab the Yoga Kamasutra book.
    • In the hospital, you find the storage room locked on the right side. So go talk to Roz about the schedule at the reception and use the phone on the second floor to distract her. Back on the first floor, open the key box and put your hand on the storage access card. Visit the storage room and take the birth control pills inside the closet.
    Report to Tammy.
  24. Next day, wait for the evening and enter Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom; the landlady is already naked and ready. Yoga may well become your new hobby!
  25. You get the achievement Sharing is caring.

    Branch 2 – Get Erik a Girlfriend

  26. Go back to Erik’s bedroom and inquire with your best friend about his type of girlfriend. Meet June in the computer room on the second floor at school, and ask her about class. You are faced with a second choice: convince June to be Erik’s girlfriend or keep the gamer girl for yourself.
  27. Save here for the second branching.

    Branch 2 Choice 1 – My Friend Erik

  28. Find Erik and propose him to be June’s new player.
  29. Next day, visit Erik’s house. The two geeks are already hanging out together. Tell your progress about Erik’s girlfriend to Mrs. Johnson. This evening, head inside Tammy’s room and find the yoga teacher eagerly waiting for you, naked on her bed. This night shared together will teach you new positions!
  30. You get the achievement Bros before hoes.

    Branch 2 Choice 2 – I’ll Play

  31. Wait for the evening; sitting on your bed is June playing with her console. Offer your assistance to beat the final boss stage. Bork time! It’s hot, you answer to her. This game inspired her a cosplay idea.
  32. Next day, go to the comic store. Choose the orcette queen garments on the display stand. Give it to June in the computer room. Wait for the evening when she joins you in your bedroom. The reserved June becomes a green horny orcette. Be her chieftain!
  33. You get the achievement Hoes before bros.
 Tammy and June’s route  

 Main character, Erik and Tammy’s ending

 Main charcter and Tammy’s ending

 Main character and June’s ending

This route is presenting two branchings
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