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Tammy Johnson
"Tammy illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Chestnut
Eye color Green
Relatives Larry (ex‐husband)
Morning Erik’s house
Afternoon Planet Thiccness

Tammy Johnson is the landlady of Erik.


Mrs. Johnson is a shapely mature woman with chestnut hair and green eyes. Her wavy hair is fastened in the back by a purple band. She has freckles on the top of her cheekbones and breasts.

Her yoga garments – which include a short purple tank top and black leggings – don’t leave much room for imagination. Her small earrings are also purple.


She is a loving figure for Erik; concerned about her lodger’s well‐being, the woman does the best to get him out of his shell, whether with the help of his best friend or by making the most of her own charms. Mrs. Johnson is indeed open to all proposals in this regard.


For the complete walkthrough, see Tammy and June’s route.

She’s separated from her former husband Larry and she has not heard from him in years. Tammy regularly works with Anna at the vicinal fitness club.

Responsible for Erik’s upbringing, she makes no concessions to sexual education. She also likes to pass on her Yiddish culture with the traditional meals she cooks for him and his friend.

The main character may well benefit from the advice Tammy is used to giving to her protégé.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Tammy.
Quick overview
A True Mother
Several scenes taking place in Mrs. Johnson’s house and seen through the telescope illustrate the carnal relationship between lessor and tenant.


Jenny enters the main character’s bedroom while he’s enjoying the view of a bouncing Tammy through the telescope.

Strip Poker

The poker session in the basement of her house is just the beginning of a bigger party for the woman and the two boys.

Tantric Sex

The main character books a private yoga session in Tammy’s bed to test her flexibility.

The More The Merrier

For the main character, the best friend is the one with whom you share everything. Tammy is pleased with this idea.