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"Odette illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Dark
Eye color Amber
Morning Sugar Tats
Afternoon Sugar Tats
Evening Sugar Tats


Odette looks like a character straight out of the Addams Family: pale carnation, raven‐black long hair with white streaks, more than generous shapes, and a look to damn those who would dare approach her. In a few transgressions to this two‐tone appearance, her amber eyes and many tattoos stand out.

She fully embraces a gothic styling; her garments are a tube top on which is stylized a white ghost, a miniskirt, and opaque hold‐up stocking, all black in color. She wears a leather choker around her neck, a studded belt around her waist, and numerous body piercings. She also uses dark makeup as well as black fingernail polish.


She’s more than just a big titties goth girl. She’s not one to hold back her inhibitions to act or say what she likes.


For the complete walkthrough, see Eve’s route.

Odette works at Sugar Tats.


For a detailed list of scenes, see Cookie jar § Odette.
Quick overview
Sudden Rise in Temperature
A spontaneous getaway on the rooftop makes the residents of Sugar Tats unveil themselves. Literally for Odette and Grace.

Easy Rider

Odette’s originality can be denied when it comes to finding new sex positions. This time Grace’s bike is put to the test.

Two for the Price of One

Odette is not ready to relinquish her new sex toy - AKA the main character - to Grace. It’s now each one in turn!


Odette invites the main character to visit the town graveyard during a full moon. What could go wrong?