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Char mia 01.png
Relatives Helen (mother), Harold (father)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day School
Night Mia's House


Mia is a teen with dark brown hair and eyes. Her usual hairstyle is a ponytail.

Her typical school attire consist of a purple and white colored polo and blue jeans. Wears pink earrings. Carrying on her hands is always her school books.


Coming from a austere background and being sheltered her all entire life, Mia obeys her strict Christian mother Helen with a disciplined and respectful approach to her. Mia thinks that complying with her mother is for her own good, thus her scholarly achievement.


Mia is the MC's childhood friend and main love interest. Sheltered since forever by her Christian mother Helen, Mia hasn't done much in the way of actually living as a kid. Despite this, she still respects her mother and realizes that she's doing this for her own good and she means no harm by it. This is evident by her scholarly achievement compared to those of her peers.



Fix for Mia missing from library is to console command M_bissette._state = S_bissette_poem_assignment then go back to Bissette to start that quest again. You probably want to make sure you've cleared Mia fully before you do that command just in case she's forced somewhere for one of her quests before you force her to the library

Welcome Back To School

Mia greets the MC and Erik when they arrive at school.

Study and a Date?

Upon arriving at Mia's house, the player meets Mia waiting in front of her house waiting for the MC. In order to advance with Mia's storyline, the player must complete his homework assigned by Mrs. Bissette. Once the player has arrived at Mia's house, the player is then met with Helen and Harold, Mia's parents. Helen doesn't approve the MC being in any relation with Mia since he is of 'bad influence' being the devout Christian she is. Mia and the MC think of an idea to meet each other which can only be at night when the MC sneaks in the house.

80's Movie Sneak In

Sneaking into the house, the player will meet Mia once again. The player will now have the option to chat, study or take her on future possible dates. Choosing the option to study, Mia asks whether or not the MC likes her, choosing 'yes' or 'no' will affect the storyline with her.


In order to get into Mia's Dad's (Harold) good side, Mia tells you to go get DOH-nuts from the Donut Shop. Make sure you get his favorites by asking his coworkers at the Police Station for help!