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Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Helen (mother)
Harold (father)
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon–Fri) Mia's House (Sat–Sun)
Evening Mia's House


Mia is a teen with dark brown hair and eyes. Her usual hairstyle is a ponytail.

Her typical school attire consist of a purple and white colored polo and blue jeans. Wears pink earrings. Carrying on her hands is always her school textbooks.


Coming from an austere background, Mia obeys her strict mother Helen with a disciplined and respectful approach to her. She thinks that complying with her parent is for her own good, thus her scholarly achievement. Mia is very close to her father Harold, and she's the first to worry about him when he disappears.


Mia is the main character's childhood friend and main love interest. Sheltered her all entire life by a pious mother, Mia hasn't done much in the way of actually living as a kid. Despite this, she still respects her mother. Mia is one of the best, if not the best, students in her class. Often referring to God, she accompanies her parents to church every Saturday and Sunday morning.


See Mia's route for the complete walkthrough.


Poor Teddy!

  • Mia's teddy bear has experienced lewd things that a stuffed toy should not do.

Mia Gets Handy

  • When the plush isn't enough for Mia, she uses her own dexterity.

Tattoo Show

  • The girl gets rid of her clothes to let the main character admire her new tattoo.

Sex Motivation

  • Mia has better academic result when the main character has got her back.


Here is the fix if Mia is missing from library during her route: enter the console command M_bissette._state = S_bissette_poem_assignment, then go back to Ms. Bissette to restart the quest. Make sure you've cleared Mia fully before you do that command just in case she's forced somewhere else for one of her quests.


Mia's locker is the image of her life: tidy