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InformationIn order to improve the user experience and the readability of this article, the routes have been moved to their own dedicated page. Just follow the links given in the sections to find the usual and unchanged content. Thank you.
  • Please progress one route at a time unless it requires that you cross over with another one. Focusing on one girl until completion will bypass the majority of blocking bugs.
  • Jenny's route is the first route recommended.
  • You will find all the information about the gameplay in the article Getting started.

Twelve routes are currently available in Summertime Saga. The other characters in the game will also benefit from their own routes later, which will be added in stages according to future votes of the community. The next new route announced is dedicated to Eve and her sister Grace.


You receive a warm welcome
This quick introduction to the gameplay is compulsory on the first day.

You wake up at home, in the main character's bedroom. Meet Jenny in the hallway, then go down to find Debbie in the kitchen. The map is now unlocked: open it and click on Erik's house to be teleported next to your best friend. The next step is the school where the joyful Mia has already arrived. Roxxy and her boyfriend Dexter, then Principal Smith, come to greet you in their own way. Go up the stairs to the 3rd floor to reach the principal's office. Bad news, your grades are falling down! Back in the hall, Annie opens your locker, the one with "Dead dad" written on it… Take the card, it will appears in the red backpack (your inventory). Leave it and move to the left hallway then into the boys' locker room. Who better than Judith to celebrate your first ever sexy scene? (the scene is now replayable in the cookie jar) Coach Bridget is waiting in the courtyard, hurry up. Afterwards, it's Ms. Bissette's turn in the French classroom. You will also come across Kevin, Ronda and Eve, three other classmates. Finally, you're back at the frontyard but a time of day later and with many new locations available.

Jenny's route

File:Jenny's route.jpg
Jenny saves surprises for you
Main article: Jenny's route

If Jenny has always considered the main character a loser, she is suddenly interested in his abilities in front of the camera. A great opportunity to motivate your roommate to respect you better, or to prove your docility. How far will Jenny go to entice new subscribers?

Debbie's route

File:Debbie's route.jpg
Debbie has typical MILF scenes
Main article: Debbie's route

Having a housekeeper who is always in a dressing gown is bound to give the main character some naughty ideas! But Debbie doesn't mind. Actually, with a touch of stimulation she could well take things into her own hands.

Diane's route

File:Diane's route.jpg
Diane sure knows how to relax
Main article: Diane's route

Diane doesn't do things halfway. So when she sets her mind on developing her milk business, it's on her faithful gardener that she is looking at. Because there are not only vegetables that are long and hard.

Mia and Helen's route

Main article: Mia and Helen's route

It's not all roses in Mia's well‐ordered life; mother doesn't let her breathe and father seems to have given up hope. To make the situation worse, now a nun is sticking her nose into her family's issue. The main character must decide which side he is, Mia's or Sister Angelica's.

Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June's route

You have to know how to make choices in life. Should the main character focus on his gorgeous and flexible neighbor? Share Mrs. Johnson with her best friend Erik? Or should he invite his schoolmate June instead? You will discover it by exploring all the connections inside this route.

Aqua's route

File:Aqua's route.jpg
Aqua is a hell of a shiny thief
Main article: Aqua's route

Not all monsters are frightening, and some like Aqua are even very sexy… But before you can find her, you'll have to engage in a scavenger hunt for Captain Terry. Procreation is a matter of merit!

Ms. Bissette's route

File:Bissette's route.jpg
Ms. Bissette's nice teaching
Main article: Ms. Bissette's route

The main character doesn't hesitate to join the French teacher's tutoring classes. After all, Ms. Bissette is someone who puts her body and soul into the education of students. Well, mostly her body.

Ms. Dewitt's route

File:Ms. Dewitt's route.jpg
Introducing the next hot band!
Main article: Ms. Dewitt's route

Ms. Dewitt's annual talent show is starting off on the wrong foot! It must be said that the principal is doing everything in her power to have it cancelled. So the main character calls on his classmates to get the music teacher out of trouble.

Ms. Okita's route

File:Ms. Okita's route.jpg
Ms. Okita always stays cool
Main article: Ms. Okita's route

Mrs. Okita has inventions, plenty of inventions, and the main character is her ideal guinea pig. But events don't go as planned and lead them to experience many other things together.

Ms. Ross' route

File:Ms. Ross' route.jpg
Ms. Ross appreciates handwork
Main article: Ms. Ross' route

For Ms. Ross, artistic talent must not be restricted, especially by clothing. But her hippie attitude is not to the liking of Principal Smith. The main character will have to find a way to change her mind by using his creativity.

Roxxy's route

File:Roxxy's route.jpg
Roxxy's band or the beach girls
Main article: Roxxy's route

The main character volunteers to help Roxxy notwithstanding the usual disdain she displays for him. Step by step, they will get to know each other beyond appearances. Another challenge is to convince the rest of the gang!

Daisy's route

File:Daisy's route.jpg
Daisy is a mysterious character
Main article: Daisy's route

50% woman, 50% cow but 100% sweetheart, Daisy appears unexpectedly in the life of the main character. But he will undoubtedly be proficient in taking care of her.