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Gender Female
Hair color Titian hair
Eye color Brown
Relatives Lucy (mother)
Richard (father)
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon–Fri)
Evening Annie's House


Annie is a teen, with titian hair and brown eyes. She keeps her hair in a braided ponytail.

Her school uniform consists of a blue‐and‐yellow letterman jacket, a cream‐colored poplin shirt under it and a green skirt.


Annie is a strict authoritarian, following her model Principal Smith. She takes her duties very seriously and has no time for antics. Her cold attitude turns many people away as she is focused on her responsibilities and is not fond of idle chit‐chat. She shows an unfailing devotion to the principal even in the most embarrassing moments. Often defending her father, Richard, Annie seems to idealize him according to her mother.


Student Union President and official hallway monitor of Main Character's high school, Annie takes her position extremely seriously. On multiple occasions she encounters the main character revealing his erection to female classmates and reports his inappropriate behaviour to the principal.


This character does not have a route yet.


Can't Help It

  • In the boys' locker room, Judith and the main character both undress. Annie witnesses his erection resulting from the sight of Judith's naked body.

He Doesn't Look That Big to Me

  • In the boys' locker room showers, the main character's little show is interrupted by Annie who notes that this is the second time he exposes himself and escorts him to the principal's office.

Boobs and Boner

  • In Principal Smith's office, Annie shows her breasts to the main character so as to provide him with appropriate visual stimulus.


Annie's locker