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Char annie 01.png
Relatives Lucy (Mother), Richard (Father)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day School
Night Annie's House


Annie is a teen, with brown hair and grey eyes. She keeps her hair in a braided ponytail.

Her typical school uniform consists of a blue and yellow Letterman Jacket, a cream colored poplin shirt under it and a green skirt.


Similar to Principal Smith, she is a strict authoritarian. She takes her duties very seriously and has no time for antics. Her cold attitude turns many people away as she is focused on her responsibilities and is not fond of idle chit-chat.


Student Union President and official hallway monitor of the MC's high school. She takes her position extremely seriously. On multiple occasions she encounters MC revealing his erection to female classmates and reports his inappropriate behaviour to the Principal. This leads to the Principal asking for a demonstration of the events which Annie has to use her own body to facilitate.


Locker Room For 2

Upon arriving near the boys locker room, which is being used by both girls and boys due to the girls locker room being closed for repairs, MC is met by Judith who is too embarrassed to go inside due to a lack of confidence. MC convinces her it will be fine and they enter the locker room together where they are met by Annie who warns them about being late for class and threatens them with detention if they don't get changed immediately. Judith and MC both undress and the sight of Judith's naked body causes him to pop a massive erection. Annie is shocked by the events and says she will report the infraction to the Principal.

He Don't Look That Big To Me

MC enters the showers to find them occupied by Lopez and Martinez who wonder if he is the person they've been hearing rumors about. Taking the towel from around MC's waist they initially aren't impressed by his flaccid size and reveal parts of each other's bodies in an attempt to give the MC an erection so they can see his true size. Shortly after achieving the desired result they are interrupted by Annie who notes that this is the second time MC has exposed himself inappropriately and so escorts him to the Principal's office.

Of Boobs and Boners

Upon arriving at the Principal's office, Annie explains the situation in the shower to Principal Smith. Wanting to see what has caused such commotion with her own eyes she commands Annie to show her breasts to MC so as to provide him with appropriate visual stimulus. As a result of this the MC pops yet another massive erection. Principal Smith dismisses Annie then slaps the MC's penis with a ruler and demands that he keep this distraction under control with a threat of further disciplinary action if he fails to comply.

Milk Delivery

When Diane asks MC to make a delivery of her milk to the school he encounters Annie in the cafeteria. Noting that he is not the person who normally delivers the milk and showing her inflexibility and strict adherence to procedure she sends him to speak to the Principal as she is unwilling to accept an unauthorised delivery.