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Char ronda 01.png
Relatives Earl (father)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day Pool
Night None


Ronda is a fit, African-American teen who has brown eyes. Her hair is typically in a ponytail.

Her typical school uniform consist of a yellow and green track suit and holds a baton.


Ronda prides herself on being part of the track team and being an all around athlete. With her competitive nature, she looks down on people who don't have the tenacity to do sports.


Ronda is a track team member and all around athlete. She has a disdain for the MC after he has some private time with the lifeguard and hates his care free attitude towards sports in general.


Get Gains Or GTFO

Upon arriving at the gym class outside, the player is met by Coach Bridget where the MC is berated for not doing something simple such as push-ups well. Coach Bridget warns the MC to work out if he wants to participate in any sport events at school. The player is met by Ronda, where the MC is met by disdain from Ronda of how 'physically weak' he is.