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"Ronda illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Earl (father)
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon Pool (Mon–Fri)


Ronda is a fit, African American teen who has brown eyes. Her brown hair is gathered in a ponytail by a green hair tie.

Her casual outfit is a grey top and a green pant. But as an accomplished sportswoman, she changes into a red‐and‐white track suit and a swimsuit during her training sessions.


Ronda is an all‐around athlete, proud on being part of the track team. With her competitive nature, she looks down on people who don't have the tenacity to do sports. Ronda sees the main character like someone physically weak, and hates his lack of physical exertion.


She is training hard for the upcoming regional athletics trials. Her aversion for the main character increases after he has some private time with the lifeguard at the pool.


This character does not have a route yet.

Scene list
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
Upon entering the principal's office, the main character finds Ronda in a bad situation.


Ronda's locker is full of trophies