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  1. Go to Diane’s house and enter the garden. Diane has broken her shovel. Go to your home and take the shovel in the garage. Return to Diane’s house and help her with the garden: you need to keep only the cucumbers, carrots, corns and eggplants.
Allow 3 days to pass.

Milk Delivery to Tony’s Pizza

  1. Meet Diane in her garden. She gives you a delivery for Tony’s Pizza (the pizzeria is being unlocked). Follow Maria inside the storage room and enjoy the view. Then return to the garden and talk to Diane.
Allow 3 days to pass.
Buy the bug spray with a green cap

Bugs infestation

  1. Diane is waiting your help in the garden: lifting the wheelbarrow requires 2 in strength.
  2. Next day, visit Diane’s garden. After taking a drunk Diane to her bedroom, bring her a glass of water from the kitchen.
  3. Next day, go to Diane’s house. The garden is infested: clean it by removing everything. Diane is yelling in the bedroom, go upstairs. It’s time to go shopping at Hillside Mall, enter Consum-R where Veronica is working and buy the Bug annihilator spray. Go back to Diane’s and clean the garden one more time.
  4. Next day, Diane is not in the garden, so enter her house from the front door, take a look in the kitchen. This woman really loves vegetables! Do some gardening.
  5. Next day, Debbie wakes you up. Talk to Diane in the garden. Bring her the tool that is on the kitchen counter.
Allow 3 days to pass.

Milk Delivery to Daycare

  1. Make a visit to Diane. Her business is growing fast. Pick up the milk cartons in the shed. Deliver it to Lucy at the daycare, next to Diane’s house. Return to Diane and leave the money in her bedroom as she is sleeping.
Allow 2 days to pass.

Alcoholic Lotion Session

  1. Find Diane in her garden. She looks exhausted. Wait for the evening and meet Debbie in your home entrance. She asks you to bring a pie to Diane. Come back, but Diane is not at her house. Try the shed!
  2. Cocktails recipe
    Next day, go to the garden and invite Diane to rest while you work. First, go to the shed and use the milk pump on the storage jug. Now, Diane wants a drink (which is random). Head to the kitchen, read the recipe and make the cocktail, then bring it to her. Take care of the garden. Diane needs your hands to apply some sunscreen on her back… and her chest! As you reveal your arousal, you get a little reward from Diane.
  3. Next day, join Diane who is talking with Veronica in her garden.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Do one last gardening session. Hurry to the shed where Diane is in pain! Enjoy the next scenes. From this moment you can revisit the shed in the evening for another sex scene with Diane.
  2. Next day, wait for the evening and eavesdrop Debbie and Diane in the kitchen.

Milk Delivery to School

  1. Next day, Diane has another delivery job for you. Get the milk cartons from the shed. Go to school where Annie demands you to go to Principal Smith’s office. The principal is disciplining miscreants! Untie Ronda, finally deliver the milk at the cafeteria, and return talking to Diane. Don’t forget to get your share from the tap!

Dinner at Home

  1. Next day, Debbie has invited Diane for dinner. Go to the pier where you can buy sea trout from Captain Terry, or catch it if you’ve already found the fishing rod. Return to your kitchen. Enjoy the dinner.

The Barn

  1. Next day, talk to Diane as she needs your help for a big project: build a barn! Go to Annie’s house and require Richard. To make the toys, pick up the hammer and the handsaw in carpenter’s house. After finishing your job, go back to Diane’s and escort the lady at home (use the front door). She now lives with you.
Allow 1 week to pass.
The guide is explicit


  1. Enter the kitchen: Diane is happy because the barn is ready. Go over there and get a tour of the barn. Richard gives you a part of a mysterious statue. Go to Consum-R and buy a milk jug. Follow Veronica’s advice and speak with Jane at the library, then take The Breeder Guide from the bookshelf. Return both items to Diane.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Enter the living room in the evening. Diane is reading the book. Go to bed and masturbate, sleep.
  2. Enter the kitchen, Diane has already left. Find her at the barn. She asks for a checkup so head to the hospital where you meet the lovely Roz; then up to the second floor. In the bathroom, the nurse gives you an optional, intimate testing. On your way back, talk to Diane in the home entrance.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Next day, Diane asks you to collect a package from Ivy in the Pink store at the mall. With the new outfit you delivered her, Diane is finally ready for the “breeding”.
Have sex with Diane in the barn and cum inside her but don’t make her pregnant nor have a baby.


You must have had sex with Debbie in her bedroom during Debbie’s route.
  1. In the evening, try entering the landlady’s bedroom before Diane stops you. A discussion begins between Debbie, Diane, you and… Jenny. Back in your own bedroom, Debbie invites you for a very special party in her bedroom. Go for it! Go into the kitchen the next morning.
You get the achievement Milky business.


For more information about the pregnancy planning pills, see Dating and pregnancy § Pregnancy

Having sex with Diane provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, read the phone message and visit the barn for the announcement; four more weeks and a new message notifies she’s in labor, read it and meet her at the hospital, then at home. It takes three weeks until the baby is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Diane.

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