Coach Bridget

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Coach Bridget
Char coach 01.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Day School
Night None


Coach Bridget is an adult of tall stature with pink hair and purple eyes.

Her typical attire consists of a grey sweat shirt and grey sweat pants. She wears a whistle around on her neck at all times.


To her competitive nature, she prides herself of her students being the best of their own physical ability. She often comes as brusque but that being due of her immense pride for sports.


Coach Bridget is the coach for the high school the MC goes to. She has immense pride for the sports she teaches and she won't have lackeys messing that up with under-performance. She sets the MC up with the task of "Get Gains or Get the Fuck Out".


Get Gains Or GTFO

Upon arriving at the gym class outside, the player is met by Coach Bridget where the MC is berated for not doing something simple such as push-ups well. Coach Bridget warns the MC to work out if he wants to participate in any sport events at school.