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Char kevin 08.png
Relatives None
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Day Gym
Night Gym


Kevin is a well-built teen of tall stature with half combed brown hair and brown eyes.

Kevin's typical attire of a teal t-shirt and bright red shorts.


When a favor is returned to him, he is willing to return a favor back of his own.

Kevin is very active considering the fact that he is well-built assuming he likes to work out. He prides himself of being well-built. When it comes to working out, he's very supportive and motivational of the MC of getting ripped too.

It is also heavily implied, if not outright stated (and written all over the bathroom stalls) that Kevin is gay. His homosexuality is also apparently one of the more well-known "secrets" of the school.


Kevin's storyline starts when the player goes into the Cafeteria. The player is met by Kevin and he begs the MC to find him a replacement for his Cafeteria duty in exchange he'll spot him in the Gym. He prides himself on his gains and muscle and genuinely wants to see the MC get ripped too.


Anything But This

Upon arriving at school at the cafeteria, the player is met by Kevin. He requests that the MC to find him a replacement to do his cafeteria duties.

Lunch Duty

Arriving at the cafeteria, you're met with Erik saying thanks for the game and he doesn't usually do anything during lunch so it could be worse.

No Pain No Gain

After finding a replacement for Kevin, the player can be able to work out with Kevin to gain 'strength'.