Captain Terry

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Terry (Captain)
Char terry 01.png
Relatives Sara (wife)
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Day Pier
Night Pier


The Captain of the Pier, Terry sells fish and drinks to costumers and spends his days drinking.

Terry wears a flowery vacation shirt and a captains cap (with phallus emblem), he has brown hair and a bushy beard.

He is usually drinking in his kiosk.


Terry speaks like a sailor and drinks like one, as well as having a cheery demeanor.


Terry works at his own little kiosk by the pier as a seafood and liquor seller.


Dinner With Diane

After Inviting Diane to dinner, Debbie will ask him to pick up the fish, unlocking the Pier location. once there the player is greeted by Terry and his friendly attitude, MC has the option to buy three types of fish, Seatrout, Snapper, and Mackerel. at the price of a hundred dollars.