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Captain Terry
"Terry illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Blue
Relatives Sara (wife)
Morning Pier
Afternoon Pier
Evening Pier

Terry is the owner of the kiosk on the pier. He’s in a relationship with Sara.


Terry has brown hair, a bushy beard, and skin tanned by the sea sun.

He adopts a relaxed style with an aloha shirt unbuttoned to the waist, khaki shorts and a captain’s cap with phallus emblem.


Terry speaks like a sailor and drinks like one, as well as having a cheery demeanor. He is being satisfied with the simple pleasures of life like pretty girls, and therefore encourages the main character to do the same.

However, an unsuspected trauma is haunting the captain for a long time and forces him to stay away from the ocean.


Terry, also called Captain Terry by his friends, sells seafood and drinks to customers at the pier. He spends a good part of his days enjoying the view, a glass of tequila in his hand. Married to the sea, as he likes to remind, Terry is however engaged to the lovely Miss Sara, and the two lovebirds share an obvious complicity together.

Taking benefit of the captain’s expertise, the main character finds tips to soften Roxxy and her band.