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Char judith 01.png
Relatives Beth (mother)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Day School
Night None


Judith is a bespectacled, well-endowed beauty with short red hair and green eyes.

Judith's typical uniform consist of a beige colored t-shirt and amber colored jeans. She wears large rounded glasses and wears a purple headband.


Being bullied possibly throughout most of her school years, Judith is afraid to stand up for herself which can explain her timid personality. Judith is insecure about her tits and appearance to others. With the MC however, she embraces her imperfections.


Judith's story starts when the MC comes back to school and finds Judith in the hall. She's embarrassed to go into the locker room because of her not wearing a bra and her tormentors. Having been bullied for quite a while she's very insecure and timid. After helping her in the locker room she develops a crush on the MC leading the player to advance with her storyline.


Locker Room For 2

Upon arriving near the boys and girls locker room, the player is met by Judith where she is shy to go inside into the locker rooms due to her not wearing a bra and being bullied for quite some time. The MC tells her to not worry about it and encourages her to go inside the locker rooms with him. They are met by Annie who tell them they don't dress fast enough and are forced to dress together. Naked, Judith and the MC look at each other genitals causing the MC to pop a massive erection. Embarrassed, Annie is shocked by the MC's indecent exposure and sends him to the principal office.

Latinas On The Block

Going into the hallway leading into the boys and girls locker room, a scene with Judith and Lopez and Martinez will appear. They bully Judith and the MC then intervenes and says what they're doing isn't right and tells Lopez and Martinez to not cause any further trouble. Judith thanks the MC and also thanks him for not be bothered about the locker room incident with Annie the other day.

Bathroom Play

Upon arriving near the locker rooms, a scene will appear where Judith is crying in the bathroom under construction.


If you ask her to go to the bathroom or the latinas drive her there, it breaks the game currently. Only in that one specific part. If Judith is missing, you may have asked her into the bathroom for some fun or the latinas may have driven her there, in between when you ask her for her glasses, and you need to meet her in the park. Go straight to park to avoid this bug. If on PC, you can access console and type M_judith.set("in bathroom", True) otherwise, reload a previous save.