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Gender Female
Hair color Aubern
Eye color Green
Relatives Beth (mother)
Morning School (Mon–Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon–Fri)


Judith is a beauty with short aubern hair and green eyes. Her chest is so oversized that it causes her discomfort.

Her typical outfit consists of a beige‐colored T‐shirt and amber‐colored jeans. She wears large rounded glasses and wears a purple headband. She admits she doesn't wear a bra because it hurts her.


Being bullied throughout most of the school years, Judith is afraid to stand up for herself which can explain her timid personality. Insecure about her chest and appearance to others, she embraces however her imperfections with the main character.


Judith is Beth's daughter, the manager of the donut shop. She does not hide her delicacy as evidenced by her generous shapes and her locker full of candies. As a result, she is victim of mockery from other classmates, especially Lopez and Martinez.

By defending Judith against her tormentors, the main character discovers her great emotional (and physical!) sensitivity.


This character does not have a route yet.


Can't Help It

  • The sight of Judith's naked body in the boys' locker room causes the main character to have an erection.

Bathroom Play

  • The main character knows how to comfort Judith in the girls' locker room.


The game can be blocked if you ask Judith to go to the girls' locker room or if the Latinas drive her there. When she is missing in the left hallway or in the park, you may have to talk to her in the bathroom first. On PC, you can access console and type M_judith.set("in bathroom", True).


Judith's locker is full of candies