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Char dexter 01.png
Relatives None
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Day Basketball Court
Night None


Dexter is an intimidating muscular jock of tall stature with a dirty blonde military cut and blue eyes.

His typical attire consists of a black tank top and blue and white basketball shorts.


He comes across as a smug jerk. He is tactless, audacious, insolent and as dumb as a moss covered rock. The term Neanderthal fits Dexter perfectly.

He is also violently covetous of his girlfriend, Roxxy. He regularly threatens the MC (and presumably anyone else) he thinks may even potentially show any interest in her.


Dexter is the average sports jock sporting an equally average popular girl as his girlfriend. He's the MC's bully in one way or another and hates anyone hitting on his girl.


Welcome Back To School

Arriving back to school, the player is met by Roxxy and Dexter. Upon meeting, Roxxy and Dexter blatantly insult the MC for his father being dead.

Sucettes Pour Les Devoirs

Upon completing the first French assignment given by Mrs. Bissette, Roxxy will ask the MC for the homework. The player has the option of giving it to her or humiliate her by giving the MC her lollipop she's been sucking on. Dexter will appear after the player has given the homework to Roxxy and will tell the MC to not interact with Roxxy ever again.