Mrs. Johnson

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Mrs. Johnson
Char mrsj 01.png
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Day Gym (Afternoons)
Night Erik's House


Mrs. Johnson is a fit very-endowed mature woman with wavy brown hair and green eyes.

Her typical attire consist of a short purple yoga tank top and black yoga pants. She wears purple earrings and in her hands, is a yoga mat.


Similar to Debbie, she wishes the best for Erik and wants him to come out of his shell someday. She comes across as a caring and loving figure.

Mrs. Johnson is very physically active. She loves Yoga, and teaches it in the back auditorium of the gym every evening day.


Mrs. Johnson lodger named Erik. She likes to stay in shape with a lot of yoga evident whenever the MC spies on her or goes to the gym.


He Is Who He Is

Once you meet Mrs. Johnson in the Gym on a Thursday (after talking to Erik about where she is) you have several options to talk about. One of them is why Erik is the way he is.

Yoga Eye Candy

A scene can be viewed where Mrs. Johnson does a yoga pose called the "Cat Cow" after the MC asks what position she was in before he walked in.