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Just private workspace for some Notes

My Walkthrough

Week 1

Day 1
  • Take the cookies from the couch and check the telescope.
  • Walk out the door and get a "warm" welcome from Jenny.
  • Go down the stairs and into the kitchen. Debbie has made you breakfast, but you have to hurry; the map is unlocked.
  • Go to Erik’s house and meet Erik in front of it.
  • Go to the School and meet Mia outside, then Roxxy, Dexter, Annie and Mrs. Smith inside.
  • Go upstairs and meet Kevin who is on cafeteria duty but wants to be at the Gym.
  • Go upstairs and into the Principal's Office. Learn that your grades are low.
  • Go back to the first floor and let Annie unlock your locker with the Masterkey.
  • Go to the left floor and meet Jenny.
  • Go into the Boy's Locker Room and change.
  • Go back to the main floor and to the sports court. Let Coach Bridget humiliate you with push-ups and get the hint for the Pool from Ronda.
  • Go to Ms. Bissettes classroom and meet Eve there.

(this is where the railroading stops)

  • After class you should go to Diane for the job - but her shovel is broken
  • Fetch the shovel from Debbies garage and head back
  • Time to work in the Garden, afterwards you get your first money and are advised to bring it to the Bank
  • Head there and let the clerk tell you how grave the situation is.
  • Since it's evening, head to the Park and and enjoy a Rap Battle
  • Head back home and overhear Debbie having an argument on the phone.
  • Time to sleep
Day 2
  • Step out the door, there's someone under the shower. Enjoy the show as long as you can...
  • Go down, and Debbie invites you to mow the lawn. Check the mower in the garage, then head over to the School.
  • Talk to Ms. Bissette about her tutoring - obviously you need a French Dictionary, which should be available at the Library
  • Go to the cafeteria and meet Kevin - he can't train you while on duty, so he needs someone to take over
  • Time for some science in Miss Okitas class. She turns you down when asked about raising your grades, but after an accident she makes you an offer you can't refuse.
  • Since we heard so much of him, pay Master Somrak a visit. And he tells you about his real payment...
  • Back to school, how about some art? Martinez and Lopez bitch down on Judith - follow her to the girls locker room and comfort her as best as you can...
  • Where were we? Oh yes, art! Enter Ms. Ross' class, be artistic, and get invited to after school tutoring
  • Keep rapping until you're the best of the best
Day 3
  • First things first: talk to Ms. Okita
  • O.K., one more teacher to give us extra credit to go: Ms. Dewitt. Blow her something on the flute
  • It's warm outside, isn't it? Take a shower. As the girls share it, Annie brings you into the principal's office - where you suspect some things that you need. Luckily Principal Smith is not there and cannot disturb you.
  • Ignore the crowd outside, since you can now move around school freely, it's time to visit Ms. Okitas office a visit.
  • Deliver the loot directly and receive a first show
Day 4
  • We're in absolutely no shape to do anything for our grades, so let's start making some money. Diane has something for us.
  • After a short trip and some gardening you should have enough money for a computer repair. Head to the Mall and get those Computer parts.
  • Fix the darn thing and have a look at Maze Runner minigame
Day 5

Time for another visit to Diane - twice!

Day 6

Weekend! What does one on a weekend? First a hearty breakfast, visit Erik and help him - then you can ask him for a favour... for a price of course. Then, visit the Mall, buy some gasoline and fix that lawn!

Day 7

Perhaps you need some more cash from Diane, but then you definitively can get Erik what he wants. After that, spend the day following his lead.

Week 2

Day 8

Monday, back to School! Tell Kevin, that Erik takes over from him. At least that's the plan, but Eve has trouble with Annie. Ask Kevin about Master Somraks price and get it.

Day 9

Finally bail out Kevin, he'll be at the Gym the next day. The rest of the week you should improve your stats of body and mind. To quote Principal Smith: "Do whatever it takes."

Now choose a route and complete it, some are already started.