Lopez and Martinez

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Lopez and Martinez
Char latinas 18.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day School
Night None


Lopez and Martinez are two latinas with brown hair and dark brown eyes. Lopez maintains her hair with cornrows while Martinez keeps her hair long with half of her head shaved.

Lopez's typical attire consists of a grey cropped leather jacket, large grey earrings a black crop top, and black jeans.

Martinez's typical attire consists of a red bandana, large grey earrings, a black crop top and blue short shorts.


They're territorial acting as if they own a part of the school for themselves and will harass anybody who steps into their territory.


Upon arriving at the shower rooms in the locker room, the player is met by Lopez and Martinez. They harass the MC asking if the rumors are true that he has a large penis. They are convinced otherwise. Prior to that event, the MC saves Judith from Lopez and Martinez bullying her.


Confirming The Goods

Arriving in the locker room and going in the shower area, the player will encounter Lopez and Martinez. Upon meeting, Lopez and Martinez harass the MC asking if the rumors are true that he has a large penis. They go and both reveal a piece of each other under their towel without each other's consent to see it the rumor is true or not.

Latinas On The Block

Going into the hallway leading into the boys and girls locker room, a scene with Judith and Lopez and Martinez will appear. They bully Judith and the MC then intervenes and says what they're doing isn't right and tells Lopez and Martinez to not cause any further trouble. Judith thanks the MC and also thanks him for not be bothered about the locker room incident with Annie the other day.