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Master Somrak
Master Somrak.png
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Brown
Morning Gym
Afternoon Gym
Evening Gym


Master Somrak is a old man of short stature with a bald head, with his face being decorated in plentiful bushy white hair.

His attire consists of a red Muay Thai outfit, a black belt wrapped around his waist, a mongkon around his head, and carries a walking stick with him.


Training Muay Thai for possible several decades, Master Somrak is imperturbable when it comes to training the main character. But, however, the master is perverted as he requires his payment to be paid in panties. Used panties that is.


The main character encounters Master Somrak when he enters the gym. Master Somrak's training improves the dexterity stat. He teaches anyone but under one condition, they must bring him panties and not just any kind of panties used panties. Master Somrak will completely refuse to teach you if you do not bring him a pair of panties every time.



Old Master Training

  • Paying him in panties, the player is be able to train with Master Somrak and improve dexterity stat.