Gardening minigame

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Gardening minigame illustration
Pick long and thick vegetables

Gardening minigame is unlocked on the first day after you meet Diane in her backyard and take the shovel in the main character’s garage. It requires no stats and is based only on speed. It’s the first mean for the player to get money easily.


Click or tap the screen to remove the maximum of unwanted items. You have 10 seconds to pick them and leave only vegetables that are long and hard. The grey bar under the combination displays how much time is left. The money currently earned is indicated in the lower‐left corner of the screen, the amount may be negative but you will never lose money at the end of the minigame.

To remove To keep
Mouse Garden Minigame.pngBrambles Garden Minigame.pngSpider Garden Minigame.pngBug Garden Minigame.pngEarwig Garden minigame.pngPumpkin Garden Minigame.pngGrapes Garden Minigame.pngTomatoes Garden Minigame.png Carrot Garden Minigame.pngCorn Garden Minigame.pngEggplant Garden Minigame.pngPickle Garden Minigame.png


If the minigame is included in several steps of Diane’s route, succeeding it is not a requirement.
How much money the player receives depends on the items removed in the garden:

Item Reward
Mouse Garden Minigame.png +$20
Brambles Garden Minigame.png +$15
Spider Garden Minigame.png +$15
Bug Garden Minigame.png +$10
Earwig Garden minigame.png +$10
Item Reward
Pumpkin Garden Minigame.png +$10
Grapes Garden Minigame.png +$10
Tomatoes Garden Minigame.png +$10
Item Penaltie
Carrot Garden Minigame.png -$5
Corn Garden Minigame.png -$5
Eggplant Garden Minigame.png -$10
Pickle Garden Minigame.png -$15