Maze Runner minigame

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Maze Runner minigame illustration
Use the right attack to beat the monsters on the way

Maze Runner minigame is a stat training minigame. You have first to repair the main character’s computer with the parts purchased from Consum-R, at the mall, to play the video game.


Move the knight using , and use the right attacks to defeat monsters: slimes with A, skeletons with S, fire sprites with D. Help your hero to navigate through the maze and reach the chest.

Monster Attack to use
Maze Runner Minigame Slime.png Maze Runner Minigame Button A.png
Maze Runner Minigame Skeleton.png Maze Runner Minigame Button S.png
Maze Runner Minigame Fire Sprite.png Maze Runner Minigame Button D.png


Successful completion provides +1 to intelligence.