Rap battle minigame

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Rap battle minigame illustration
Show who the real MC is

The rap battle minigame is a memory skill game. It is played in the park in the evening after first talking to Eve near the fountain, then to the gang that moved to the bench. Chico, Chad and Tyrone are the main character’s challengers in this hip‐hop contest.


A series of frames is created in random order and displayed in a rectangle. You must memorize the sequence within a specified time period (60 seconds in normal mode, 90 seconds in cheat mode); then reproduce the pattern in order by selecting the corresponding icons at the bottom of the screen. The white bar indicates the remaining time.

Each new opponent adds two more frames so the series becomes longer and more complex when the player reaches respectively 4 and 7 points in charisma.


Successful completion provides +1 to charisma.