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"Pool illustration"
Type Facility
People Cassie, Ronda

The public swimming pool is located in the center of the city.


The facility is open every day of the week and is under the watchful eye of Cassie, the lifeguard. The building is divided into three changing rooms, a technical room and an infirmary for the most urgent needs. The pool itself is of modest size but benefits from a diving board. Loungers are set up to make the most of the always‚Äźsunny weather.

Ronda perfects her training there every afternoon.



  • The location is unlocked in the prologue.



Quick overview
Wrong Room
You pick the wrong changing room twice and find two of six lovely ladies in various states of undress. After they loudly protest in Cassie's hearing range she bans you from the pool, for now. Once you are back in her good graces, Cassie will not both you if you make the same mistake over and over again.
Ladies you will encounter in the changing rooms: Amelie, Emma, Ivy, Olivia, Sammy, Sue

Skinny Dip

After being banned by Cassie for unwittingly peeking on ladies changing, you can try your luck with an evening swim when the pool is closed. There you may find an equally naked Cassie trying to cool off too. She may have a change of heart about letting you swim after you talk with her.

Emergency Services

Once you are allowed back to the pool and take your first swim you find yourself unable to tread water. Cassie rescues you and in the process discovers your hidden attributes. She takes you to the infirmary where she offers you a relaxation service through an interesting-looking hole in the wall.