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Char librarian 01.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey
Day Library
Night None


Jane is an adult with jet black hair and grey eyes.

Her typical attire consists of a white office dress shirt and a black skirt. Wears eye-glasses and a nose piercing is apparent.


Due to the library not having enough money, Jane is resourceful finding ways to keep up with its cost. She is accommodating as she helps the MC fulfill his homework whenever he asks for a book.


Jane is the local librarian for the Library. Apparently not enough money is given to the Library to keep up its cost so Jane uses other methods to generate profit. The MC needs textbooks from her and she needs better equipment creating a trade system between the two.


HD Option Enable

Arriving at the library, the player is met by the librarian Jane. She asks the player if the MC wants a library subscription for $20. Declining the offer, the player will still be able to buy it. (Not buying it will not let the player progress with Mrs. Bissette nor with Jane.) After buying the subscription and asking for the French Homework Book 1, will trigger the event, "HD Option Enable". Jane says that she has ran out and will have to ask the player to look in the back inventory. A scene is shown where a couple is having sex. The player gets berated by Jane not to come to this part of the library. In exchange for the book, she requests the player to buy a new 'Supersaga Webcam' which can be brought at the Mall at Consumr for $300.

More Cams More Fun

For the player to obtain French Homework Book 2, the MC will have to break into the school with Erik at night (Midnight School Break In).