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"Jane illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Jet black
Eye color Grey
Morning Library
Afternoon Library


Jane is a woman with jet‐black hair with blunt bangs, and grey eyes.

Her top is a white office dress shirt unbuttoned down her chest that lets you glimpse a black underwear. Her black skirt is tightened around the waist by a buttoned corset. She wears butterfly‐shaped glasses and a black velvet choker with red pendant. A nose piercing is apparent and her nails are painted in black polish.


She is accommodating as she helps the main character fulfill his homework whenever he asks for a book.


Jane works at the library. She once said she hunts down the people who don't return the books, and break one of their legs so they don't do it again. Of course, she was joking.

She supervises the club of anonymous sex addicts although she has trouble staying sober herself. The main character will certainly find an opportunity to use her frustration to his advantage.


This character does not have a route yet.

Scene list
Book Lovers
The library rules may be very strict about the books return, but nothing prohibits sexual encounters in the back room!