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"Pilly illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown

Pilly is a drug dealer.


He is a man in his 40s with imposing stature. He has brown eyes and his brown hair is pulled behind the head in a short ponytail; sideburns and tattoos on the arms perfect the impudent, edgy look.

He shows up in a biker outfit: black T‐shirt, unbuttoned leather cutoff jacket, and blue jeans. The buckle of his belt represents a skull. He wears two chains around his neck, one in silver, the other in gold, as well as a classic earring.


Pilly is not used to being pushed back and he can become threatening if so. He has the suspicion of those who know that a bad encounter can be fatal. To Clyde’s stupidity, he prefers Crystal’s sweetness when negotiating. Who can blame him for that?


From small dealer, Pilly has risen to the top of the criminal underworld, helped by a total lack of morality and a propensity for violence. His job is to buy large quantities of drugs for the purpose of resale. This brings him to meet disreputable people in a discreet place at night. Never make fun of his name.