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The Angler icon.png

The Angler

Catch one of every type of fish.

Prolific camshow icon.png

Prolific camshow

Reach the end of Jenny's story.

End of the chores icon.png

End of the chores

Reach the end of Debbie's story.

Not a prude icon.png

Not a prude

Reach the end of Mia's story.

Milky business icon.png

Milky business

Reach the end of Diane's story.

Sharing is caring icon.png

Sharing is caring

Have a threeway with Mrs. Johnson.

Hoes before bros icon.png

Hoes before bros

Reach the end of June's story.

Bros before hoes icon.png

Bros before hoes

Reach the end of Erik's story.

Repentance icon.png


Reach the end of Helen's story.

The Mermaid icon.png

The Mermaid

Reach the end of Aqua's story.

You're the man icon.png

You're the man

Reach the end of Roxxy's story.

Excellent français icon.png

Excellent français

Reach the end of Ms Bissette's story.

Music taste icon.png

Music taste

Reach the end of Mrs Dewitt's story.

Science experiments icon.png

Science experiments

Reach the end of Ms Okita's story.

Painting in the nude icon.png

Painting in the nude

Reach the end of Ms Ross' story.

Drowning... in pussy? icon.png

Drowning... in pussy?

Reach the end of Cassie's story.

Passing grade icon.png

Passing grade

Have an A+ on every course.

Smooth McGroove icon.png

Smooth McGroove

Don't fail at the talent show.

Overpowered icon.png


Upgrade your stats to the max.

Slick mofo icon.png

Slick mofo

Finish master Somrak's training.

Cedric got nothing on you icon.png

Cedric got nothing on you

Finish Kevin's training.

Eminem icon.png


Beat Tyrone in a rap battle.

G@M3R icon.png

[email protected]

Play videogames!

Computer Genius icon.png

Computer Genius

Perv on Jenny's PC.

Ass-tronomer icon.png


Use the telescope.

Flies that don't fly icon.png

Flies that don't fly

Look at dipterae.

Mr. Worldwide icon.png

Mr. Worldwide

Look at an accurate map of Europe.

Inception icon.png


Play Summertime Saga.

Ready for college icon.png

Ready for college

Max out your savings account.

The Rooster icon.png

The Rooster

Check out Debbie's art.

Home Sweet Home icon.png

Home Sweet Home

Purchase a house.

Microwaved Apple icon.png

Microwaved Apple

Find the microwaved apple.

Oldies Goodies icon.png

Oldies Goodies

Have sex with Roz.

Yoga Apprentice icon.png

Yoga Apprentice

Help out a yogee with her lessons.

What's in there? icon.png

What's in there?

Check out every student locker.

Solo pleasure icon.png

Solo pleasure

Go for some alone time...

Rump and Pump icon.png

Rump and Pump

Witness two local celebrities having fun.

The GT500 icon.png

The GT500

Get your dream car!

Donut craving icon.png

Donut craving

Purchase a donut for harold.


Game... Over?!

Lose the game.



Witness a couple going at it.


Zana (of the Endless)

Get stuck at the talent show.


Treasure Hunt

Find the golden lure.