Sugar Tats

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Sugar Tats
"Sugar Tats illustration"
Type Facility
People Eve, Grace, Odette, Tuuku

Sugar Tats is the name of the tattoo parlor. Grace is its owner, and also Eve’s older sister.


The business is set on the first floor of a small two-floor orange building. The upper floor, reserved for Eve and Grace’s apartment, is accessible either from the garage or from the alley using the emergency ladders.

The building, although well‐maintained, is covered with graffiti, especially on the garage door and the sidewall. The sign presents the shop name stylized on a black‐and‐white chequered background. The parlor is definitely in a gothic style with a stuffed raven on the shelf and an animal skull hanging on the wall. The garage houses the first daughter’s motorcycle. Their shared apartment has three rooms: the main room has become Grace’s bed place since Eve moved into the only bedroom; to which a small bathroom must be added. The two girls expanded their living space by setting up the roof with a tent and some unusual planting.

Everything about tattoos is happening here.