Hillside Mall

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Hillside Mall
"Hillside Mall illustration"
Type Facility
People Mr. Bubbles, Ivy, Kassy, Lily, Veronica

Hillside Mall is the name of Summerville shopping center.


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In a classic and elegant decor, the indoor precinct encloses a vast choice of stores on two levels: a general store, a comic book store, a romantic gift retailer and a sex shop. You’ll find everything you’re looking for in the mall, and more!

CineSaga Theater is the spot for big‐screen lovers. The movie theater projects such classics such as Foxxy Roxxy, Dirty Harold and It’s a Trap!. On rare occasions, local celebrities can be seen in the audience. Mr. Bubbles sells the tickets in the front box office.

The mall washroom is clean and equipped for disabled persons. Please respect the privacy of others, including those of VIPs.

The political rally of the new mayor Rump is hosted every weekend in the main walkway. Last but not least, a photo booth is at the customers’ disposal on the second floor to take pictures alone or with friends.



  • The location is unlocked in the prologue.