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"Tony illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Maria (wife)
Morning Tony’s Pizza
Afternoon Tony’s Pizza
Evening Tony’s Pizza

Tony is the husband of Maria. They both run the local pizzeria. He and Maria live in room 302 of the apartments.


He is an Italian middle‐aged man with brown eyes and brown hair. He’s using a combover in an attempt to conceal baldness. He’s not clean‐shaven and has a chevron‐type mustache.

His violet shirt open on the chest and with rolled‐up sleeves reveals manly hairiness. He also has a white kitchen apron and navy pants; not to mention a chain with a cross pendant, ring, and bracelet, all gold.


Tony is a charismatic and friendly man; a husband in love with his wife; and an accomplished pizzaiolo who enjoys his work. He is also one of the first to give a small job to the main character, gladly seeing himself in the teenager.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 1 and Main story: Part 2.

Tony and Maria get along perfectly, pineapple pizza being their only point of disagreement. The secret ingredient that makes his food so smooth is Diane’s milk.

But isn’t he hiding something else from the main character, something more serious?